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NOT a Collector's Copy” ButFUN to Have
in ThisEarly
Faulkner, William.   Requiem for a nun. New York: Random House, [copyright 1951]. 8vo. [6], 286 pp.
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A De-Catholicized Archbishop?
[Fénelon, François de Salignac de la Mothe].  Selections from the writings of Fenelon. With a memoir of his life. By a lady. Boston: Hilliard, Gray, and Wilkins, 1831. 8vo (18.4 cm; 7.25"). 304 pp.
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Fergusson's First Novel of the Southwest
Fergusson, Harvey.  The blood of the conquerors. New York: Modern Age Books, Inc., 1937. 8vo. [4], 146, [4 (adv.)] pp.

Lannigan & O'Shay at Sea
Decorative Designers” Binding
Fernald, Chester Bailey.  Under the jack-staff. New York: Century Co., 1903. 8vo. [6], 262 pp.
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An Early Victory forEqual Protection & Civil Rights:
Rejecting Anti-Chinese Legislation
Field, Stephen J.  The invalidity of the “Queue Ordinance” of the city and county of San Francisco. Opinion of the Circuit Court of the United States, for the district of California, in Ho Ah Kow vs. Matthew Nunan, delivered July 7th, 1879. San Francisco: J.L. Rice & Co., 1879. 8vo (23.3 cm, 9.2"). 43, [1] pp.
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First Methodist Episcopal Church (Omaha, NE).  Satellite Circle.  The First Methodist cook book compiled by the Satellite Circle of the First Methodist Episcopal Church. Omaha, NE: [First Methodist Episcopal Church], 1925. 8vo (23.3 cm, 9.2"). 132 pp.; 1 col. adv. plt.
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SIGNED by the AuthorGerald Ford
Ford, Gerald.  A time to heal: the autobiography of Gerald R. Ford. Norwalk, Conn.: Easton Press, ©1987. 8vo. [8], 454 pp.
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May Not a POET Now & Then / Reveal These Lives of Average Men?
Foss, Sam Walter.  Whiffs from wild meadows. Boston: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co., copyright 1895. 8vo (19.4 cm, 7.7"). Frontis., [2], ix, [1], 272 pp.; illus.
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ALL the ACTUAL PRINTER'S BLOCKS for the *47* Illustrations
        of Zoeth Skinner Eldredge'sThe Beginnings of San Francisco
Francis, Walter, illus., et al.  For Eldredge's The beginnings of San Francisco, the 47 California-themed printing blocks used to produce the volume’s illustrations. San Francisco: Pr. John C. Rankin Company (New York), 1912. 37 half-tone plates (on copper), 10 zinc cuts, all on their wood blocks; plus 3 additional plates on copper and another zinc cut, similarly mounted.
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A Pennsylvania COLLEGE CharterPartly, aGERMAN AMERICANUM
Franklin College, Lancaster, Pa.  Charter of Franklin College, published by resolution of the Board, passed, 19 October, A.D. 1837. Lancaster: Bryson & Forney, 1837. 8vo. 7 pp.
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Fremont's Third Expedition
Frémont, John Charles.  Geographical memoir upon upperCalifornia, in illustration of his map of Oregon and California. Washington: Printed by Tippin & Streeper, 1849. 8vo (23.5 cm; 9.25"). 40 pp.
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Plenty of Stories inPlenty of Places
Frewen, Moreton.  Melton Mowbray and other memories. London: Herbert Jenkins Limited, 1924. 8vo (21.6 cm; 8.5"). viii, [4], 311 pp., [16] plts.
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Exotic Dishes” fromForeign Lands
Frost, Heloise.  A world of good eating. A collection of old and new recipes from many lands. [Newton, MA?]: Phillips Publishers, Inc., © 1951. 8vo. 128 pp.; illus.
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TINY BOOKS Big MessageSTILL in Their Sweet Little Box
Frost, S. Annie.  Very little tales for very little folks. New York: Am. Tract Society, 1873. 64mo (Case 9.3 cm, 3.75"; vols. 8.4 cm, 3.375"). 4 vols., illus. Little Tales: 80 pp. Out West: 80 pp. Four Cousins: 80 pp. Poppet: 80 pp.
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The Indians Now Seemed toRedouble Their Frenzy
Fuller, Emeline L.  [cover title] Left by the Indians. Story of my life. [copyright page: Mt. Vernon, IA: Hawk-eye Steam Print, 1892]. Square 24mo (13 cm; 5"). Front wrapper, [2] ff., 40 pp., port. leaf, blank leaf.
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Who Are Your Real Friends? What is REAL Love?
Garland, Hamlin.  Money magic. New York & London: Harper & Brothers, 1907. 8vo. [8], 354, [2] pp.; 8 plts.

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NEVER Go into Society with Your Mind en Deshabille
Gentleman, A.  The laws of etiquette; or, short rules and reflections for conduct in society. Philadelphia: Carey, Lea, & Blanchard, 1836. 12mo (13.3 cm, 5.25"). 172 pp.
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“Gentleman of Philadelphia County, A” [i.e., Jesse Y. Kester].  The American shooter's manual, comprising such plain and simple rules, as are necessary to introduce the inexperienced into a full knowledge of all that relates to the dog, and the correct use of a gun; also a description of the game of this country. Philadelphia: Carey, Lea & Carey, 1827. 12mo (18.5 cm; 7.125"). [2] ff., pp. [ix]–249, [1] p., [1 (errata)] f., [3 (ads)] ff.; frontis., 2 plts.
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Acts on theCusp of Secession
Georgia.  Laws, statutes, etc.  Acts of the General Assembly of the state of Georgia, passed in Milledgeville, at the annual session in November and December, 1860. Milledgeville: Bougton, Nisbett & Barnes, 1861. 8vo. 267, [1] pp.
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Coal Cannot Be Obtained Except at the Cost of Life”
Gibbons, William Futhey.  Those black diamond men: a tale of the Anthrax Valley. New York: Fleming H. Revell Co., 1902. 8vo (20.4 cm; 8"). 389 pp.
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A Bishop of LIMA Feuds with the POPE
González Vigil, Francisco de Paula.  Light in Darkness. a book for Catholicsand Protestants, letter to the Pope, and an analysis of the brief of the 10th of June, 1851. Boston: Crocker & Brewster, 1852. 12mo. 44 pp.
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A Very Broad Range of Natural History & Philosophy,
in(Just) Two Volumes
Good, John Mason.  The book of nature. Boston: Wells & Lilly, 1826. 8vo (22.9 cm, 9"). 2 vols. I: xii, 435, [1] pp. II: [4], 443, [1] pp.
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American History forSchools (1823)
Goodrich, Charles Augustus.  History of the United States of America. Hartford: Barber & Robinson, 1823. 12mo (18.6 cm, 7.4"). [10 (blank)], engr. half-title, [3 (1 blank)], 3–400, [10 (blank)] pp.; 11 plts.
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Around the World withMaps & Costumes
Goodrich, Samuel G.  The second book of history, including the modern history of Europe, Africa, and Asia. Boston: Charles J. Hendee & G.W. Palmer and Co., 1838. 4to (19 cm, 7.5"). Frontis., 180 pp.; 16 maps.
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Hand-ColoredFloral Frontispiece
Goodrich, Samuel G., ed.  The token, or affection's gift, a Christmas and New-Year's present.  Hartford: S. Andrus & Son, [ca. 1846]. 12mo. Frontis., 312 pp.; 4 plts.

Ars Typographica
Goudy, Frederick W., ed.  Ars Typographica. New York: Press of the Woolly Whale, Autumn, 1934. Folio (32.1 cm; 12.875"). [1] f., 50 pp., [1] f.; illus.
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Temperance Autobiography Signed Binding withInteresting Personal Connection
Gough, John Bartholomew.  An autobiography by John B. Gough. Boston: Pub. by and for the author, 1845. 8vo (17.5 cm, 6.8"). [4], 172 pp.
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Spanish as aSecond Language, 1835
Granja, Juan de la.  Rasgos históricos de magnanimidad, valor, y nobleeza: Anecdotas, sentencias y ejemplos raros de virtud; dichos notables, cuentos, fábulas y ocurrencias graciosas, en prosa y en verso. Nueva York: Imprenta de Don Juan de la Granja, 1835. Small 8vo. 252 pp., [2 (index, ads)] ff.

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Graves, Henry Clinton. History of the class of 1856 of Amherst college 1852–1896. Boston: C.H. Simonds & Co., 1896. 8vo. [6], 4–59, [6] pp.

Poetry from Springfield, Massachusetts
     &  the Mansion” Hotel at Pas'comuck
Greene, Aella.  After night, a summer-place talk, with other poems. Boston: Lee & Shepard; New York: Lee, Shepard & Dillingham, 1873. 8vo. Frontis., 93, [1] pp.; 2 plts. (incl. in pagination).
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A Plea for Training Women in the MEDICAL ARTS
Gregory, George.  Medical morals, illustrated with plates and extracts from medical works; designed to show the pernicious social and moral influence of the present system of medical practice, and the importance of establishing female medical colleges, and educating and employing female physicians for their own sex. New York: Published by the author, 1852. 8vo (22 cm; 8.5"). 48 pp.
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Phyllis Wheatley, Anne Bradstreet &Others” 
Representing the “Female Genius” of Their Days
Griswold, Rufus Willmot, ed.  The female poets of America. Philadelphia: Carey & Hart, 1849. 8vo (24.7 cm, 9.75"). Frontis., add. engr. t.-p., 400 pp.; 4 plts.
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