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An Example of Determination!One Man's Take on Boston
Dearborn, Nathaniel.  Boston notions; being an authentic and concise account of “that village,” from 1630 to 1847. Boston: Printed by N. Dearborn ... sold by W.D. Ticknor & Co., 1848. 16mo (15.9 cm; 6.25"). xx, [3], 8–426 pp., [35] plts., [6] maps.
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Miss Parriss? Miss Mona Parriss?
Demby, William.  Love story Black. New York: Reed, Cannon & Johnson Co., 1978. 16mo (17.6 cm; 6.875"). 141 pp.
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We Have Gathered Here Tonight in Tribute to Those Whose Leadership Contributed to
the Magnificent Democratic Victory of 1964
Democratic National Committee.  1965 Democratic Congressional dinner. June 24, 1965. [Washington: Democratic Party, 1965]. Folio (27.3 cm, 10.75"). [12] pp.; illus.
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EphemeralMIMEOGRAPHED DeMolay Cookbook
DeMolay Mothers' Club.  Success is automatic with a DeMolay Mother's Club cook book. [U.S.: ca. 1950?]. 12mo (20.3 cm, 8"). [26] ff.
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Apology” NOT Accepted!
[Dexter, Franklin]. A letter to the Hon. Samuel A. Eliot, representative in Congress from the city of Boston, in reply to his apology for voting for the fugitive slave bill. Boston: Wm. Crosby & H.P. Nichols, 1851. 8vo. 57 pp.

Dickens Goes toAMERICA
Dickens, Charles.  American notes for general circulation. Avon, CT: Made for the Members of the Limited Editions Club, 1975. 8vo (25.5 cm, 10.1"). Col. frontis., xv, [3], 272, [2] pp.; 2 double-page col. plts., 5 col. plts.
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Who Wrote theBook of Mormon?
Dickinson, Ellen E.  New light on Mormonism. New York: Funk & Wagnalls, 1885. 8vo. [8], [11]–272, 16 pp.
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  Proverbs, Parables, & Dreams with a Period” Flavor
Downey, William Scott.  Proverbs...tenth edition. New York: Pub. for the author by Edward Walker, 1856. 12mo (18.8 cm, 7.4"). 128 pp.
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San Francisco's Fin de Siècle BohemiansEntertaining UsMore than a CENTURY Later
Doxey, William; Gelett Burgess; & others.  The Lark. San Francisco: William Doxey, 1895–97. Square 8vo. Each issue: [16] ff., and original wrappers. With the general title-leaves and added index leaves.
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Well . . . If This is True, We Only Tumbled Out of One Mystery into Another”
Doyle, Arthur Conan.  The valley of fear: a Sherlock Holmes novel. New York: George H. Doran Co., (1914). Small 8vo (19.7 cm; 7.75"). 320 pp.
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WOMEN'S THEATER”San Francisco 1923
Dramatic-Musical Society of San Francisco.  [drop-title] The Dramatic-Musical Society of San Francisco. Seventh performance of the 1922–1923 season. Friday, April 20, 1923 at 2:30 o'clock. San Francisco: Dramatic Musical Society, 1923. 8vo. [1] f. (verso blank).

Black Poet, Black Photographers, Black Subjects, Major White Publisher
*&* a Margaret Armstrong Book Design
Dunbar, Paul Laurence.  When Malindy sings. New York: Dodd, Mead, & Co., 1903. 8vo (22.5 cm; 8.875").144 pp. (the blank leaf prior to the half-title is included in the page count).
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New Homes, New Hearts
Duncan, Norman.  The suitable child. New York: Fleming H. Revell Co., 1909. 4to. Frontis., 96 pp.; 4 plts.
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An Artist's View of theEarly Development of American Art
Dunlap, William.  History of the rise and progress of the arts of design in the United States. New York: George P. Scott & Co., 1834. 8vo (24.6 cm, 9.7"). 2 vols. I: 435, [1] pp.; 1 facs. II: viii, 480 pp.
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Biblical Law, Debated
Dupin, André Marie Jean Jacques.  The trial of Jesus before Caiaphas and Pilate. Being a refutation of Mr. Salvador's chapter entitled “The Trial and Condemnation of Jesus.” Boston: Charles C. Little & James Brown, 1839. 16mo (18 cm, 7.1"). viii, 88, [2 (blank)] pp.
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One of theFirst Hawaiians to Live in the U.S.
Dwight, Edwin Welles.  Memoir of Henry Obookiah, a native of the Sandwich Island, who died at Cornwall, Connecticut, February 17, 1818, aged 26. New York: American Tract Society, [1832–46]. 16mo (15 cm, 6"). Frontis., 124 pp.
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To Toiling Millions, Whose Means are Small, Yet Whose
Desires are Great to Possess a Home . . .”
Dwyer, Charles P.  Economic cottage builder: or, Cottages for men of small means. Buffalo: Wanzer, McKim & Co., 1856. 8vo (23.3 cm, 9.125"). [2], 127, [1] pp.; 32 plts.
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Eastwood, B.  A complete manual for the cultivation of the cranberry, with a description of the best varieties. New York: C.M. Saxton, Barker, & Co., 1860. 8vo. Engr. t.-p., 120 pp; 9 plts.
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Verses for Morning & Evening
    forGerman Americans
(Eckartshausen, Karl von).  Witschel, Johann Heinrich W.  Gott ist die reinste Liebe, oder Morgen- und Abend-Opfer, in Gebeten, Betrachtungen und Gesängen. Ein Gemeinschaftliches Gebet-Buch, Bestehend in Auszügen aus Witschels und Eckartshausen Gebätbüchern. Reading: Carl M'Williams & Co. (pr. by Carl A. Brudman), 1822. 12mo (17.8 cm, 7"). 300 pp.

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Nesika Papa Klaksta Mitlite Kopa Saghalie”CHINOOK
Eells, Myron.  Hymns in the Chinook jargon language. Portland, OR: David Steel, 1889. 16mo (14.5 cm; 5.75"). 40 pp., and wrappers.
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200 Favorite Songs & Exercises
Emerson, L.O.  The golden wreath; a choice collection of favorite melodies, designed for the use of schools, seminaries, select classes, etc.. Also, a complete course of elementary instruction, upon the Pestalozzian system, with numerous exercises for practice. Albany: Newcomb & Co., 1857. Oblong 12mo. 240 pp.

Important Account ofthe Southwest & the Mexican Border
Emory, William Hemsley.  Notes of a military reconnoissance, from Fort Leavenworth, in Missouri, to San Diego, in California, including parts of the Arkansas, Del Norte, and Gila rivers. Washington: Wendell & Van Benthuysen, 1848. 8vo (23.2 cm, 9.1"). 416 pp.; 43 plts. (lacking 1 fold. map).
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Pull Out of Bate, Allow to Drain a Little & Throw into Pickel”
Endicott-Johnson Company.  Manuscript on paper, in English. Formula book for shoe hide preparation. Endicott, Johnson City, NY: 1924–25. Various sizes (12mo to folio). Bound volume and 10 single sheets (74 pp. used).
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TellingSpanish Americans about AMÉRICA
Everett, Alexander Hill.  América: O examen general de la situacion política de las diferentes potencias del continente occidental, con conjeturas sobre su suerte futura. Northampton: Simeon Butler, 1828. 8vo (22.2 cm, 8.75"). [4], 296 (i.e., 294) pp. (pagination skips from 274 to 276, text complete).
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A Politician's Prose & PoetryPresentation Copy
Everhart, James B.  Miscellanies. West Chester, PA: Edward F. James, 1862. 8vo. Frontis., [6], ii, 300 pp.

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