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“A Voyage to Abyssinia”A GOOD, Lively, Readable Account
(ABYSSINIA).  Salt, Henry.  A voyage to Abyssinia, and travels into the interior of that country, executed under the orders of the British government, in the years 1809 and 1810; in which are included, an account of the Portuguese settlements on the east coast of Africa .... Philadelphia: M. Carey; Boston: Wells & Lilly (pr. by Lydia R. Bailey), 1816. 8vo (23.5 cm, 9.25"). 24, 454 pp.; fold. map., illus.

BACK to Africa?
American Society for Colonizing the Free People of Colour of the United States.  [drop-title] Memorial of the President and Board of Managers of the American Society for Colonizing the Free People of Colour of the United States. January 14, 1817. Read and ordered to lie on the table. [Washington: William A. Davis, 1817]. 8vo. 5 pp.
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An AFRICAN Utopia, asDescribed to the INQUISITION
[Berington, Simon].  The adventures of Signor Gaudencio di Lucca. Being the substance of his examination before the fathers of the Inquisition at Bologna, in Italy: Giving an account of an unknown country in the midst of the deserts of Africa, the origin and antiquity of the people, their religion, customs, and laws. Copied from the original manuscript in St. Mark’s Library, at Venice. With critical notes by the learned Signor Rhedi. To which is prefixed, a letter of the secretary of the Inquisition, shewing the reasons of Signor Gaudentio's being apprehended, and the manner of it. Translated from the Italian. Philadelphia: Re-printed by William Conover, 1799. 12mo (18 cm; 7.125"). 320 pp.
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The First N.T. for theSpeakers of Sagalla
Bible.  N.T. Sagalla. Gae. 1994.  Uvoro ghwaloli kwa wandu wose: Ilagano Iwishi. Nairobi: Bible Society of Kenya, 1994. Small 8vo (18.5 cm; 7.25"). 475 pp., illus., maps.
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A Language of the Ivory Coast Baoulé
Bible.  Baoulé. Hanscome, et al. 1998.  Nyanmien nde'n. Abidjan: Alliance biblique de Côte d'Ivoire, 1998. 8vo. 1109, 334 pp., [5] pages of maps, illus.
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The First Work in theIgbo Language
Crowther, Samuel Ajayi.  Isoama-Ibo primer. London: Printed for the Church Missionary Society [by W.M. Watts], 1859. 12mo (17 cm; 6.75"). 17 pp.
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A Tour of French Colonial Africa
Gide, André.  Travels in the Congo.  New York: Modern Age Books, Inc., 1937. 12mo. [12], 305, [4] pp.
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Around the World withMaps & Costumes
Goodrich, Samuel G.  The second book of history, including the modern history of Europe, Africa, and Asia. Boston: Charles J. Hendee & G.W. Palmer and Co., 1838. 4to (19 cm, 7.5"). Frontis., 180 pp.; 16 maps.
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FromNew England to the NILE
[Justel, Henri, ed.].  Recueil de divers voyages faits en Afrique et en l’Amerique, qui n’ont point esté encore publiez.... Paris: Louis Billaine, 1674. 4to (23.7 cm, 9.4"). á4ã4A–Z4Aa–Hh4 Ii2Kk4Ll21§–4§45§2 **A–**C4 a2b–g4 *A–*K4L2; [8] ff., 262, 35, [1 (blank)] 23, [1 (blank)], 49, [1 (blank)] pp., [1] f., 81, [1 (blank)] pp., 3 fold. plans, 4 maps (3 fold.), 9 plts.
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Only Our Fourth Copy, EVER!
Laet, Joannes de.  Hispania, sive De regis hispaniae regnis et opibus commentarius. Lugd. Batav.: Ex officina Elzeviriana, 1629. 16mo (11 cm, 4.375"). 520 pp., [4] ff. (final blank leaf).
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León Pinelo, Antonio de.  Epítome de la bibliotheca oriental, y occidental, nautica, y geográfica ... Añadido y enmendado nuevamente en que se contienen los escritores de las Indias orientales, y occidentales, y reinos convecinos China, Tartaria, Japón, Persia, Armenia, Etiopia y otras partes. Madrid: En la oficina de Francisco Martinez Abad, 1737–38. Folio (30 cm; 11.75"). 3 vols. I: [71], [135], [27] ff. II: [221] ff. III: 202 pp.
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A Good BAV Title Macclesfield Provenance
Mela, Pomponius.  Pomponii Melae De orbis situ libri tres, accuratissime eme[n]dati. Lutetiae Parisiorum: [Chrétien Wechel], 1530. Folio (34 cm; 13.25"). [14] ff., 196 p., [1] f., [28] ff. (without the fold. map, if one was actually issued with it).
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Moffat, the missionary.  London: Groombridge & Sons, 1854. 12mo. 48 pp.
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WORLD MYTHOLOGY8 Vols. & Thousands of Entries
Pozzoli, Giovanni; Felice Romani; Antonio Peracchi, et al.  Dizionario storico-mitologico di tutti i popoli del mondo. Livorno: Stamperia Vignozzi, 1824–28. 8 vols. 8vo (21 cm, 8.25"). I: 580 pp. II: 581–1163, [1] pp. (pp. 1057–64 repeated in place of pp. 1065–72). III: [1165]–1708 pp. (pagination 1551–52 repeated, 1687–88 skipped). IV: [1709]–2342 pp. V: 2351–3086 pp. (pagination skips 2519–26). VI: 3087–3855 pp. (pagination skips 3407–08). VII: 576 pp. VIII: 577–1074 pp.
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The Road to This Cardinal's SainthoodMilitary Miracles
Quintanilla y Mendoza, Pedro de (a.k.a., Aranda Quintanilla y Mendoza, Pedro de).  Oranum Ximenii virtute catholicum, seu de Africano bello, in Tremezenii regno sub servi dei Francisci Ximenii de Cisneros. Romae: Per Franciscum Monetam, 1658. Small 4to (21.4 cm; 8.5"). [38] ff., 253, [25] pp., [1] plt.; illus.
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Djellabas Caftans Kimonos & More
Tilke, Max.  Le costume en Orient. Berlin: Ernst Wasmuth, [1922]. 4to (30.5 cm, 12"). [4], 32 pp.; 128 col. plts.
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(Again??) Back to Africa?!
United States. Congress.  [drop-title] Report on colonizing the free people of colour of the United States. February 11, 1817. Read, and committed to a committee of the whole House on Monday next. [Washington: William A. Davis, 1817]. 8vo. 5 pp.
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Search & Seizure
Van Buren, Martin (President, 1837–1841).   [drop-title] Search or seizure of American vessels on coast of Africa, &c. Message from the President of the United States, transmitting a report from the Secretary of State, in relation to seizures or search of American vessels, &c. March 3, 1841. Read, and laid upon the table. [Washington, 1841]. 8vo. 766 pp.
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