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Anglican Moral Theology from“the Shakespeare of Divines”
Taylor, Jeremy.  Ductor dubitantium, or the rule of conscience in all her generall measures; serving as a great instrument for the determination of cases of conscience. London: Pr. by James Flesher for Richard Royston, 1660. Folio (32 cm, 12.6"). 2 vols. I: Add. engr. t.-p., [6], xl, 559, [1] pp.; 1 plt. II: [2], 558, [2] pp.
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The One Necessity
Taylor, Jeremy.  Vnum necessarium. Or, the doctrine and practice of repentance. Describing the necessities and measures of a strict, a holy, and a Christian life. And rescued from popular errors. [with his] A further explication of the doctrine of originall sin. London: James Flesher for R. Royston, 1655. 8vo (19 cm, 7.5"). A–Z8Aa–Zz8Aaa4; engr. t.-p., [46], 448, [8], 449–690 (i.e., 746), [6 (index)] pp. (pagination incorrect); 1 fold. plt.
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The Great Archer of England”
[Thoms, William John].  The noble birth and gallant atchievements [sic] of that remarkable outlawRobin Hood. London: William Pickering, 1827. 8vo (21.8 cm, 8.56"). [2], xix, [1], 53, [1] pp.
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Saxon Heptateuch *&* MORE
Thwaites, Edward, ed.  Heptateuchus, liber Job, et evangelium Nicodemi; Anglo-Saxonice. Historiae Judith fragmentum; Dano-Saxonice. Oxoniae: E Theatro Sheldoniano ... typis Junianis, 1698. 8vo (22.6 cm, 8.9"). Frontis., [8], 168, 32 pp.
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Early Cöthen Imprint, in Syriac
Trostius, Martin.  Lexicon Syriacum ex inductione omnium exemplorum Novi Testamenti Syriaci adornatum; adjecta singulorum vocabulorum significatione latina & germanica, cum indice triplici. Cothenis Anhaltinorum: Officina Cotheniana, 1623. 4to (19.8 cm, 7.75"). [4] ff., 722 pp.
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Early Christianity in Britain & theHeresy of Pelagianism
Ussher, James.  Britannicarum ecclesiarum antiquitates: Quibus inserta est pestiferae adversus Dei gratiam a Pelagio britanno in ecclesiam inductae haereseos historia. Accedit gravissimae quaestionis de christianarum ecclesiarum successione & statu historica explicatio. Londini: Impensis Benj. Tooke, 1687. Folio (31 cm, 12.5"). [8] ff., 136, 145–336, 339–509, [5], 507–548 pp., [7] ff., 191, [1] pp.
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Wonderful Title-PageSerious Text
Valerón, Manuel Román.  Tractatus de transactionibus in quo integra transactionum materia theoricè, ac ingenti studio, & justa methodo collecta, & exposita continetur. Lugduni: sumptib. Philippi Borde, Laurenti Arnaud, Petri Borde, et Guill. Barbier, 1665. Folio extra (33 cm; 12.75"). [8] ff., 272 pp., [21] ff.
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Offering Help with theImportant & DIFFICULT Bits
Van Est, Willem Hessels (i.e., Estius).  Annotationes in praecipua ac difficiliora sacrae scripturae loca. Duaci [Douai]: Apud Gerardum Patté, sub signo missalis aurei, 1628. Folio in 6's (36 cm, 14.2"). [3] ff. (of 4, lacking title-leaf), 684 pp., [10] ff.
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From the Early Days of theDutch Sea-Borne EmpireJapan & Siam & MORE
Varenius, Bernhardus.  Descriptio regni Iaponiae. Cum quibusdam affinis materiae, ex variis auctoribus collecta et in ordinem redacta. Amstelodami [Amsterdam]: Apud Ludovicum Elzevirium, 1649. 12mo (11 cm; 4.25"). 2 vols. in 1. I: [24] ff., 267 [i.e., 287], [1 (blank)] pp. II: [4] ff., 120 [i.e., 320] pp.; fold. table.
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Law asPracticed in Seville
Vela de Oreña, José.  Dissertationes iuris controversi in Hispalensi senatu. Nedum praecipuis eius illustratae definitionibus, sed & alijs inter scribendum obuis, tam Granatensibus, quam Hispalensibus. Granatae [i.e., Granada]: Apud Vincentium Aluarez à Mariz, 1638. Folio (29 cm; 11.5"). [16], 260, [50] ff.
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First Edition ofVetancurt's Important Nahuatl Grammar
Vetancurt, Agustín de.   Arte de lengua mexicana. Mexico: Francisco Rodriguez Lupercio, 1673. Small 4to (19.5 cm, 7.75"). [6], 49 [i.e. 50], [8] ff.
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Owned by a Very Interesting Woman
Virgilius, Polydorus (Polydore Vergil).  ... De rervm inventoribvs libri VIII. Et de prodigiis libri III. Amstelodami: Apud Danielem Elzevirium,, 1671. 12mo (13.3 cm, 5.25"). *12**8A–X12Y14Z12Aa–Ff12 (verso of F11 adhered to a blank, -F12 & -G1-6); [20] ff., 511, [1] pp., [3] ff., 100 pp., [41] ff. (without the index leaves to the Prodigies).
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Radical Reformation Compilation
Von Wolzogen, Johann Ludwig.  Opera omnia, exegetica, didactica, et polemica ... Cum indicibus necessariis. Irenopoli [Amsterdam]: no publisher/printer [Frans Kuyper, & Daniel Bakkamude], 1656 [i.e., 1668]. Folio (31.7 cm, 12.5"). 2 vols. I: [3] ff., 1038 pp. [i.e., 1044] (lacking one sectional title-page). II: 356 [i.e., 360], [4] pp.; 132 [i.e., 134] pp., [4] ff. (lacking title-page, engr. portrait, & six sectional title-pages).
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An ANGRYHistory of Independency”Anarchia Anglicana
Walker, Clement.  Relations and observations, historicall and politick, upon the Parliament, begun Anno Dom. 1640 ... together with an appendix, touching the proceedings of the Independent faction in Scotland. [London?], 1648. 4to (18.3 cm, 7.25"). A–T4t2V–Z4Aa2; [12], 174 pp. [with] An appendix to the History of Independency ... London, 1648. 4to. a–c4(-c4); [2], 20 pp. [with] Anarchia Anglicana: Or, the history of Independency. The second part. [London], 1649. 4to. A–Z4Aa–Kk4; [8], 256 pp.; 1 double-page plt. [with] The high court of justice; or Cromwells new slaughter house in England ... [London], 1651. 4to. A–I4; 71, [1 (blank)] pp. [with] M., T. The history of Independency. The fourth and last part. London: H. Brome & H. Marsh, 1660. 4to. A–R4; [8], 124 pp.
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A Classically Informed Perspective on theGreat Infant Baptism Controversy
Walker, William.  Baptismon didache, the doctrine of baptisms: or, a discourse of dipping and sprinkling; wherein is shewed the lawfulness of other ways of baptization, besides that of a total immersion: and objections against it answered. London: Robert Pawlet, 1678. 8vo (18.5 cm, 7.25"). [16], 301, [3] pp.
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Clandestinely Printed
White, Thomas.  An apology for Rushworth's Dialogues. Wherein the exceptions of the Lords Falkland and Digby are answer'd: and the arts of their commended Daillé discover'd. Paris [really, England]: Jean Billain [really, a clandestine press], 1654. 12mo (14.2 cm; 5.125"). [8] ff., 261 pp., [1 (blank)] p., lacks final blank.
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Sensational “News” ReportsShocking “Plots” Fortunately “Discovered”!
(Worcester, Edward Somerset, Marquis of).  The earl of Glamorgans negotiations and colourable commitment in Ireland demonstrated; Or, the Irish plot for bringing ten thousand men and arms into England, whereof three hundred to be for Prince Charls's Lifegard. Discovered in several letters taken in a packet-boat by Sir Tho: Fairfax forces at Padstow in Cornwal; which letters were cast into the sea, and by the sea coming in, afterwards regained; and were read in the Honorable House of Commons, and ordered to be printed. London: Edward Husband, 1645. 4to (19 cm, 7.5"). 35, [1] pp.
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Opera Juridica:  Roman & Spanish Legal Analysis
Yañez Parladorio, Juan.  Rerum quotidianarum libru duo ... Editio ultima caeteris longe elegantior, & emendatior. [and] Quotidianarum differentiarum sesqui-centuria. Amstelaedami: Janssonio-Waesbergios, 1688. 4to (20.2 cm, 8"). 2 vols. Vol. I: [26], 492 (i.e., 498), [54 (index)] pp. Vol. II: [2], 507, [45 (index)] pp.
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