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Fictitious 17TH-Century DiaryBoth Parts Matching ZAEHNSDORF Bindings
[Rathbone, Hannah Mary].  So much ofthe diary of Lady Willoughby as relates to her domestic history, & to the eventful period of the reign of Charles the First. London: Longman, Brown, Green, & Longmans (pr. by C. Whittingham), 1845. 12mo (17.3 cm, 6.8"). [4], 220 pp. [with the same author's] Some further portions of the diary of Lady Willoughby which do relate to her domestic history and to the events of the latter years of the reign of King Charles the First, the Protectorate and the Restoration. London: Longman, Brown, Green, & Longmans, 1848. 12mo. [6], 215, [1] pp.
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An Italian'sEMBLEMS in French with Engravings by a Dutchman
Ripa, Cesare.  Iconologie, ou La science des emblemes, devises &c. Qui apprend à les expliquer, dessiner et inventer. Ouvrage tres utile aux orateurs, poëtes, peintres, sculpteurs, graveurs, & generalement à toutes sortes de curieux des beaux arts et des sciences. A Amsterdam: Chez Adrian Braakman, 1698. Small 8vo. 2 vols. I: Engr. title-page, [8] ff., 264 pp., 29 plates. II: Engr. title-page, [1] f., pp. 265–550; 51 plates, [6 (ads)] ff.
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Censoring “Satanic” Art
Rosignoli, Carlo Gregorio [Charles Grégoire].  La pittura in giudicio, overo il bene delle oneste pitture, e’l male delle oscene. Opera di Carlo Gregorio Rosignoli della compagnia di Giesu. Milan: Nella Stampa di Giuseppe Malatesta, 1697. 12mo (14.8 cm; 5.75"). [11] ff., 316 pp. Lacks engr. frontis.
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The Watermark Points toPrinting in Mexico or Puebla
Roxas [Rojas], Alonso de.  Al rey nuestra Señor, por la Provincia de la Compañía de Iesus de la Nueva España. En satisfación de un libro de el visitador obispo D. Juan de Palafox y Mendoza. [Mexico?, Puebla?, Madrid?]: No publisher/printer, [1650]. Small 4to (21 cm; 8.25"). 278 pp.
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Legalese Has Always BeenJoke-Worthy
Ruggle, George.  Ignoramus. Comoedia coram rege Iacobo et totius angliae magnatibus per academicos Cantabrigienses habita. Editio quarta, locis sexcentis emendatior. London: Ex officina I[ohn] R[edmayne], 1659. 12mo (13 cm, 5.1"). Frontis., [22], 153, [1] pp.
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In FOLIO: “[A] bare Narrative of matter ofFACT, digested in order of time
Rushworth, John, comp.  Historical collections of private passages of state, weighty matters in law, remarkable proceedings in five parliaments. Beginning the sixteenth year of King James, anno 1618. and ending ... [with the death of King Charles the First, 1648] ... London: Pr. by Tho. Newcomb for George Thomason, 1659–1701. Folio (31.5 cm; 12.5"). 5 parts in 8 vols. I: Frontis. port., [15] ff., 691, [1 (blank)], 57, [1 (blank)] pp. II: Frontis. port., [5] ff., pp. 1–617, [1 (blank)] p., pp. 717–884 pp., 1 plt. (port., Duke of Hamilton). III: pp. 885–1060, 1085–1196, 1199–1388; appendix pp. 1–315, [1 (blank)] pp.; 1 plt. (port., Earl of Strafforde). IV: Frontis. port., [3] ff., 184 pp., fols. 185–92, pp. 193–400, [16] ff., pp. 385–552, fols. 553–64, pp. 565–788, [6] ff. V: [1] f., 208 pp., pp. 259–410, 459–770, 777–99, 791–975, 974–88, [6] ff. VI: Frontis., [1] f., xvi, 148 pp., pp. 177–352, 361–656, [4] ff.; fold. plt. VIII: Title-leaf, pp. 731–890 (837, 838 repeated), 913–1056, 1059–74, 1097–1431; [1] p., [9 (index)] ff. VIII: Frontis., title-leaf, [4] ff., pp. 1–76, 101–252, 401–786, .
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AnInnocent Man ExecutedHis Speech, His “Paper”
Russell, William.  The speech of the late Lord Russel, to the sheriffs: Together with the paper deliver’d by him to them, at the place of execution, on July 21. 1683. [colophon: London: John Darby (by direction of the Lady Russel), 1683]. Folio (30.2 cm, 11.9"). 4 pp.
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Where His Loyalty Lay
Saint-Paul, comte de.  Lettre de monsieur le comte de Sainct Paul, a monsieur le prince de Condé. Paris: Jean Bourriquant, 1615. 8vo (16.6 cm, 6.5"). 7, [1 (blank)] pp.
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La FamigliaCONTI
Salici, Giovanni Andrea.  Historia della famiglia Conti di Padova, di Vicenza, et delle discendenti da essa, con l'albero. Vicenza: Appresso Gioan Pietro Gioannini, 1605. Small 4to. [3 (of 4)] ff., 210 pp., [1 (blank)] f.
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A Trio of Books onMARRIAGE
Sánchez, Tomás. Disputationum de sancto matrimonii sacramento...editio haec postrema superiorum auctoritate correcta. Antverpiae: Apud Martinum Nutium, 1626 [colophon: Ex typographia Henrici Aertsi]. Folio (36 cm, 14.2"). †6††4A–Z6Aa–Ss 6Tt4AA–ZZ6AAa–KKk6LLl 4AAA–ZZZ6AAAa–LLLl6a–e6f4 (-f4 [blank]); [20], 500, 404, 408, [66 (index)] pp.

Presbyterianism IS Primitive That's aGOOD Thing!
Saumaise, Claude. Walonis Messalini De episcopis et presbyteris contra D[ionysium] Petavium Loiolitam dissertatio prima. Lugduni Batavorum: Ex officina Ioannis Maire, 1641. 8vo (15.8 cm, 6.25"). A–Z8 Aa–Gg8; 476 pp., [1], [1 (blank)] ff.

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Lexical Guide toPOLYGLOT  BIBLESMultiple “Firsts” Here
Schindler, Valentin.  Lexicon pentaglotton, hebraicum, chaldaicum, syriacum, talmudico-rabbinicum, & arabicum.... Francofurti ad Moenum [Frankfurt am Main]: Typis Joannis Jacobi Hennëi, 1612. Folio (33.5 cm, 13.2"). [4] ff., 1992 col., [76] ff.
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First EditionSOCINIAN Bible Commentary
Schlichtingius, Jonas.  Commentaria posthuma. Irenopoli [Amsterdam]: sumptibus Irenici Philalethii [Samuel Przypkowski], 1656 [i.e., 1665]. Folio (31.5 cm, 12.44"). 2 vols. in 1. I: [9] ff., 325 pp. (with [3] ff. section titles). II: [2] ff., 427 pp., [28] ff. (with [15] ff. section titles).
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OnlyONE U.S. Library Copy Found
Segneri, Paolo. Prediche dette nel Palazzo Apostolico, e dedicate alla santità di Nostro Signore Papa Innocenzo duodecimo. Venezia: Paolo Baglioni, 1694. 8vo (23.1 cm, 9.1"). a4A–I8K10; [4] ff., 160, [4 (index)] pp.
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SCHISM “dis-arm'd” Sole Edition
Sergeant, John.  Schism dis-arm'd of the defensive weapons, lent it by Doctor Hammond and the bishop of Derry. Paris: M. Blageart, 1655. 8vo (14 cm, 5.5"). A–Y8(-Y8, blank); [8] ff., 333, [1] pp.
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Three Singulars of One Individual Nature”Combative Disputation on the Trinity
Sherlock, William.  The present state of the Socinian controversy, and the doctrine of the Catholick fathers concerning a trinity in unity. London: William Rogers, 1698. 4to (20.5 cm, 8.1"). [12], 388 pp.
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AnATMOSPHERIC Title-Page . . .
Sherlock, William.  A sermon preached at the funeral of the Reverend Benj. Calamy D.D. and late minister of St. Lawrence Jewry, London, Jan. 7th 1685[/]6. London: John Amery & William Rogers, 1686. 4to. [6], 34 pp.
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Starting a Spitting-Match . . .
Sherlock, William.  A sermon preached at the Temple-Church, May 29. 1692. And printed at the desire of the Bench-Table of the honourable Society of the Inner-Temple. London: Printed for Will. Rogers, at the Sun over-against St. Dunstan's Church in Fleetstreet, 1692. Small 4to. 32 pp.
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Condensed Chronology ofREVELATION
Sherwin, William.  [drop-title] The Irenicon, or peaceable consideration of Christs peaceful kingdom on earth abridged, wherein are sometimes reprinted the most considerable matters, and sometimes the substance of others is pointed out in the latter printed parcels, with many useful additions and emendations, 1674. [London: 1674]. 4to (18.7 cm, 7.4"). 48 pp.
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“To Be Sold at the Elephant and Castle, without Temple-Bar
Sherwin, William.  [One line of Greek, romanized as] Logos peri logou; or the vvord vvritten, concerning the vvord everliving, viz. As touching his glorious kingly office on Earth to come. Witnessing, that Christ Jesus shall have a visible glorious kingdome in the world, consisting of the converted Jews and Gentiles in one sheep-fold under him; of the quick in this life, and raised saints in the time of his said glorious kingdome, and of the highest angels worshipping him, and of inferiour creatures bowing the knee unto him. Confirmed by many demonstrative arguments from the holy scriptures, and many divine reasons strongly evincing the same truths. London: Printed for Francis Smith, and are to be sold at the Elephant and Castle, without Temple-Bar, [1670]. 4to. [5], 32 (i.e., 31) pp.
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A First Purchaser” Sells aPart of Her Plot in Philadelphia
Shorter, Elizabeth.  Document Signed (with her mark), on paper.  [Philadelphia]: 12 October 1686. Small 4to (19.5 x 18.5 cm, 7.7 x 7.28"), 4 pp., with integral address leaf, 2 pp. blank.
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The Last of the 17th-Century Editions ofSIDNEY
Sidney, Philip.  The Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia. London: George Calvert, 1674. Folio (29 cm, 11.4"). Frontis., [32], 576, 541–564, 601–624, [26] pp. (pagination erratic).

He Was a Member ofSor JUANA's Circle
Sigüenza y Góngora, Carlos de.  Parayso occidental plantado y cultivado por la liberal benefica mano de los muy catholicos y poderosos reyes de España, nuestros señores, en su magnifico Real Convento de Jesus Maria de Mexico. Mexico: Juan Ribera, 1684. Small 4to. [12], 206 ff., coat of arms.
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By aBible Scholar & Church Historian
     (Later, the Property of a Scholar Collector)
Simon, Richard.   Histoire de l'origine & du progres des revenus ecclesiastiques... par Jerome a Costa. Francfort: Chez Frederic Arnaud [& Londres: Chez Jean de Beaulieu], 1684. 12mo (15.5 cm, 6.1"). [4], 346, [10 (index)] pp.
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The Ninth Time is the Charm?
Smith, Samuel.  The great assize, or, Day of iubilee delivered in foure sermons, upon the 20 chapt. of the Revel. ver. 12, 13, 14, 15: whereunto are annexed two sermons upon the I. chapter of the Canticles, vers. 6, 7. London: Printed by Iohn Okes, and are to be sold by H. Blunden at his shop in Corn-hill neare the Royall Exchange, 1637. 8vo (14.1 cm; 5.625"). [6], 182, 185–307, [3], 309–88, 373–86. Lacks added engr. t.-p. & pp. 183–84.
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Improved Edition of  SPANHEIM's Most Celebrated Work
Now, with More Illustrations!
Spanheim, Ezechiel.  Dissertationes de praestantia et usu numismatum antiquorum. Edition secunda, priori longe auctior, & variorum numismatum. Amstelodami: Apud Danielem Elsevirium, 1671. 4to (20.9 cm, 8.25"). Frontis., [46], 917, [51 (index)] pp.; illus.
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One of the FirstEnglish Histories IN English
Speed, John.  The historie of Great Britaine under the conquests of the Romans, Saxons, Danes and Normans. Their originals, manners, habits, warres, coines, and seales: with the successions, lives, acts, and issues of the English monarchs from Iulius Caesar, unto the raigne of King Iames, of famous memorie. London: Pr. by John Dawson [and Thomas Cotes] for George Humble, 1632. Folio (33.5 cm, 13.25"). [10] ff., 1042 pp.; 1043–1086 ff., 1087–1237, [85 (index)] pp. (lacking frontis.); illus.
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A Cambridge Jesuit
Spencer, John.  Scripture mistaken. The ground of Protestants and common plea of all new reformers against the ancient Catholicke religion of England. Many texts quite mistaken by novelists are layd open, and redressed in this treatis, by restoring them to theyr proper sense, according to which it is made manifest, that none of them are of force against the ancient Catholicke religion. Antwerpe: By Iames Meursius, 1655. 8vo (15.5 cm; 6.125"). [16], 253, 252–65, 268–369, 400–405, [9] pp. (pagination erratic; book complete).
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The Wickedness of Government
Spittlehouse, John.  Certaine queries propounded to the most serious consideration of those persons now in povver. London: Livewell Chapman, 1654. 4to (18 cm, 7.1"). [2], 14 pp.
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“A Rational Account of Our Own Doctrine in Opposition to Theirs”
Stillingfleet, Edward.  A rational account of the grounds of Protestant religion: being a vindication of the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury's Relation of a conference, &c. from the pretended answer by T.C. London: printed for H. Mortlock at the sign of the Phoenix in St. Paul's Church-yard, and the White-Hart in Westminster-Hall, 1681. Folio (32.1 cm; 12.75"). [22], 608 pp. (lacks the licence leaf).
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An Art Collector's Estate
Suárez de Toledo, Juan.  Collection of documents in Spanish on paper relating to his death and estate. Talavera: 1669–79. Folio, 100 ff.
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Suicer on theGreek Patristic Sacraments
Suicer, Johann Kaspar.  Sacrarum observationum liber singularis: Quo veterum ritus circa poenitentium [sophronismon] paulò accuratius expenduntur; varia incarnationis, circumcisionis, paschatis, baptismi & S. Coenae nomina explicantur.... Tiguri: Impensis Michaelis Schaufelbergeri, 1665. 4to (19.7 cm, 7.8"). [16], 397, [1] pp.

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