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Only Our Fourth Copy, EVER!
Laet, Joannes de.  Hispania, sive De regis hispaniae regnis et opibus commentarius. Lugd. Batav.: Ex officina Elzeviriana, 1629. 16mo (11 cm, 4.375"). 520 pp., [4] ff. (final blank leaf).
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The Man Had One of ThoseBreathtakingly Simple Insights
Lancellotti, Giovanni Paolo.  Institvtiones ivris canonici, qvibvs ivs pontificivm singulari methodo libris quattuor comprehenditur.... Lugduni: Apud haeredes Gulielmi Rouillii, 1614. 16mo (12.1 cm, 4.75"). AZ8AaNn8; 500 pp., [38] ff. [bound with] Naogeorg, Thomas. Rvbricæ, sive svmmæ capitvlorvm ivris canonici Thomæ Noageorgi [sic] Straubingensis opera in lucem editæ.... Lugduni: Apud haeredes Gulielmi Rouillii, 1614. 16mo. AS8; 286 pp., [1 (blank)] f.

At Least It'sNOT Eye of Newt
Langham, William.  The garden of health: containing the sundry rare and hidden vertues and properties of all kindes of simples and plants. Together with the manner how they are to bee used and applyed in medicine for the health of mans body, against divers diseases and infirmities most common amongst men. London: Printed by Thomas Harper, 1633. 4to in 8s (19 cm; 7.5"). [4] ff., 702 pp., [33] ff.
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Whose Baptisms Count?
Launoy, Jean de.  Remarques sur la dissertation, ou l'on montre en quel temps, & pour quelles raisons l'Eglise universelle consentit à recevoir le baptesme des heretiques; & par où l'on découvre ce qui a donné occasion aux auteurs, qui ont traité de cette matiere, de s'estre égarez dans la recherche qu'ils ont faite du Concile plenier, qui termina suivant S. Augustin cette contestation. Paris: L'imprimerie de la Veuve Edme Martin, 1671. 8vo (18.7 cm, 7.4"). [2], 77, [1] pp.
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False ImprintRadical Theology
Leclerc, Jean.  Liberii de Sancto Amore Epistolae theologicae,in quibus varii scholasticorum errores castigantur. Irenopoli [i.e., really, Saumur]: typis Philalethianis, 1679. 12mo (16 cm; 6.375"). [10] f.,, 320 p.
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Plenty of Provenance & aTypographic Eyeful
Leigh, Edward.  A treatise of the divine promises; in five books. London: pr. by A. Miller for Thomas Underhill, 1650. 12mo (14.3 cm; 5.625"). [18], 409, [39] pp., 1 fold-out diagram.
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Heath, IncludingMENTAL HEALTH, in the 16th & 17th CenturiesWoman Printer
Lemnius, Levinus.   The touchstone of complexions: expedient and profitable for all such as bee desirous and carefull of their bodily health: containing most ready tokens, whereby every one may perfectly try, and thorowly know, as well the exact state, habit, disposition, and constitution of his body outwardly: as also the inclinations, affections, motions, and desires of his minde inwardly. London: Printed by E[lizabeth] A[llde] for Michael Sparke, 1633. 4to (18.5 cm, 7.5"). [4] ff., 248 pp., [5 (of 6)] ff., without the final blank.
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The Road to Heaven inNahuatl
León, Martín de.  Camino del cielo en lengua mexicana, con todos los requisitos necessarios para conseguir este fin, co[n] todo lo que un Xp[r]iano deue creer, saber, y obrar, desde el punto que tiene uso de razon, hasta que muere. En Mexico: En la Emprenta de Diego Lopez Davalos, 1611. Small 4to (18.5 cm; 7.25"). Fols. 10–11, 13–69, 69[!]–73, [nothing missing] 76, 75, 77–108, 110–23.
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ArguingBaptism with the QUAKERS
Leslie, Charles.  A discourse; shewing, who they are that are now qualify'd to administer baptism and the Lord's-Supper. Wherein the cause of Episcopacy is briefly treated. London: C. Brome, W. Keblewhite, & H. Hindmarsh, 1698. 4to (22 cm, 8.7"). [8], 62, [2 (adv.)] pp.
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Stark Naked, & Carrying a Fiddle”
Leslie, Charles.  The snake in the grass: or, Satan transform'd into an angel of light. Discovering the deep and unsuspected subtilty which is couched under the pretended simplicity of many of the principal leaders of those people call'd Quakers. London: printed for Charles Brome, 1696. 8vo (16.5 cm; 6.5"). [6], cccxlii [i.e. ccclii], 271, [1] pp.
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Historical Context of theNew Testament
Lightfoot, John.  A commentary upon the Acts of the Apostles: Chronicall and criticall. The difficulties of the text explained, and the times of the story cast into annals. London: Pr. by R.C. for Andrew Crooke, 1645. 4to (18.2 cm, 7.2"). [20], 331, [1] pp. (pp. 145–48 bound out of sequence).
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Be Contrite
Lindeborn, Johannes.  In poenitentiae sacramentum notae catecheticae, quibus eruditur poenitens, quam oris confessionem, cordis contritionem, & operis satisfactionem sacerdotalis absolutio requirat. Coloniae: pro Arnoldo ab Eynden, 1677. 8vo (16 cm; 6.25"). [8] ff., 221 pp.
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Letters to the LiteratiPlantin–Moretus Press
Lipsius, Justus.  Epistolarum selectarum centuria prima [–quinta] miscellanea. Antwerp: Ex officina Plantiana, apud Ioannem Moretum; viduam & filios Ioannis Moreti, 1605–14. 4to (25.8 cm, 10.2"). 5 parts in one vol. [4] ff., 119, [1] pp.; [121]–213, [3] pp.; [4] ff., 108, [4] pp.; [6] ff., 83, [5] pp.; [6] ff., 112, [8] pp.
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Innate Notions, Ideas, Words, etc.Locke on the Nature of Knowledge
Locke, John.  An essay concerning humane understanding. In four books. London: Pr. for Awnsham & John Churchil and Samuel Manship, 1694. Folio (32.8 cm, 12.875"). [40], 407, [13 (12 index)] pp. (portrait lacking; some pagination erratic).
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John Carter Brown's Copy, Acquired from Stevens
López de Cogolludo, Diego.  Historia de Yucathan. Madrid: Juan Garcia Infanzon, 1688. Folio (29 cm; 11.5"). [1 of 15] ff., 760 pp., [16] ff.
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Cheating the Church Out of the Tithe Tax
Lopez Torrija, Carlos.  Broadside. Begins: El Dr. Maestro Don Carlos Lopez Torrija ... Hago saver a todos los fieles ... qu sean duenos de hazinas de labor, rancho, tierreas dezimales, vezinos y moradores, estantes, y havitantes en la iurisidccion de la Ciudad de los Angeles ... Puebla de los Angeles: [Diego Fernandez de Leon], 1687. Folio extra (43 x 31 cm, 17" x 12.125"). [1] p.
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An EarlyENGLISH Translation
Lucanus, Marcus Annaeus [Lucan].  Lvcans Pharsalia: Or the civill warres of Rome, betweene Pompey the great, and Ivlivs Cæsar. The whole tenne bookes, Englished by Thomas May...the second edition, corrected, and the annotations inlarged by the author. London: Thomas Iones (pr. by Aug. Mathews), 1631. 8vo (14.5 cm, 5.75"). π1a8A–S8T2; engr. frontis., [146] ff. [with] May, Thomas. A continvation of the subiect of Lucan’s historicall poem till the death of Ivlivs Cæser the 2d edition corrected and amended. London: James Boler, 1633. 8vo. A–K8(-K8); [79 of 80] ff.
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NeatIllustrated Volume
Lucanus, Marcus Annaeus [Lucan]. La Pharsale de Lvcain, ou les gverres civiles de Cesar et de Pompée. Paris: Jean Ribou, 1670. 12mo (15 cm, 5.9"). π1ã12A–Q12R4(-R4); frontis., [12] ff., 390 pp. (lacking final blank); illus.
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Latin–French Lucretius
Owned by aSuccession of Notable Collectors
Lucretius Carus, Titus; Jacques Parrain des Coutures, trans.  Les oeuvres de Lucrece, contenant sa philosophie sur la physique, où l'Origine de toutes choses. Traduites en francois, avec des remarques, sur tout l'ouvrage ... Derniere edition, avec l'original Latin, & la vie de Lucrece. Paris: Chez Thomas Guillain, 1692. 8vo (15.8 cm, 6.22"). 2 vols. I: Frontis., [38], 425, [3] pp. II: Frontis., [2], 494, [6] pp. (pagination skips 73–92).
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One of Luther's Favorite Texts, with His CommentaryEnglish Black Letter, 1616
Luther, Martin.  A commentarie of ... Martin Luther upon the epistle of S. Paul to the Galathians. London: Richard Field,, 1616. Small 4to (18 cm; 7"). [4], 296 ff.
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