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The Boise Penrose Copy
Daniel, Samuel.  The collection of the history of England. London: Printed [by Nicholas Okes] for Simon Waterson, 1626. Folio (28.5 cm; 11.5"). [4] ff., 222 pp. (without imprimatur and dedication leaves).
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Remonstrant Opera Elzevir Folio
De Courcelles, Étienne.  Stephani Curcellaei opera theologica, quorum pars praecipua institutio religionis Christianae. Cum indicibus necessariis. Amstelodami: Apud Danielem Elservirium, 1675. Folio (31 cm, 12.2"). [18] ff., 1028, [34] pp.
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Studying Descartes' Principles
Descartes, René; Florimond de Beaune; Johan de Witt; & Frans van Schooten; Rasmus Bartholin, ed.  Renati des Cartes Principia matheseos universalis, seu introductio ad geometriae methodum. Francofurti ad Moenum: Sumptibus Friderici Knochii, 1695. 4to (21.3 cm, 8.3"). [8], 420, [4], 423–68, [2] pp.; diagrs.
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Diez Noguerol, Pedro.  Allegationes juris, in quibus quamplurimae quaestiones summè necessariae, in Supremae Hispaniarum Curiae Tribunalibus desceptae, ad praxim usumque forensem spectantes enucleantur. Lugduni: Sumptibus Petri Borde, Joannis Arnaud, Petri Arnaud, 1693. Folio extra (35 cm; 13.75"). [6] ff., 398 pp., [38] ff.
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Notes on theLife & Death of Jesus
Drexel, Jeremias.  Deliciae gentis humanae Christus Iesus, nascens, moriens, resurgens, orbis amori propositus: Ser[enissi]mo utriusq[ue] Bauarie duci S.R.I. Archidapif[ero] Electore Maximiliano et ser[enissi]ma coniuge Maria Annae Austriacae inscriptus & consecratus. Antverpiae: Apud Viduam Ioannis Cnobbari, 1639. 12mo (12.9 cm; 5.125"). [24], 390, [20], 478 pp.
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The House Explains & Condemns the Rebellion of 1641
England & Wales. Parliament. House of Commons.  A declaration of the Commons assembled in Parliament concerning the rise and progresse of the grand rebellion in Ireland. Together with a multitude of examinations of persons of quality, whereby it may easily appear to all the world, who were, and still are the promoters of that cruell and unheard of rebellion. London: Printed for Edw. Husbands, 1642. 4to (19 cm, 7.5"). 63 pp.
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EstablishingPRIVATEERS to Aid in Quelling the Irish Rebellion
England & Wales. Parliament.  An ordinance and declaration of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament. Allowing and authorizing any of his Majesties good and loyall subjects in the kingdome of England, to furnish with all manner of warlike provision, and send to sea what ships and pinnaces they shall thinke fit, to make stay of all such supplyes as they shall seize upon by sea or land, going to assist the rebels in Ireland. London: Printed for John Wright, 1642. 4to (19 cm, 7.5"). [8] pp.
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England & Wales.  Parliament.  An ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, for giving power to all the classicall presbyteries within their respective bounds to examine, approve, and ordaine ministers for severall congregations. London: Pr. for John Wright, 1645. Small 4to. [1] f., 6 pp.

Back & Forth: The Exclusion Crisis
England & Wales.   Parliament. House of Commons.  The humble address of the House of Commons, presented to His Majesty, upon Tuesday the 21th. day of December, 1680. In answer to His Majesties gracious speech to both houses of Parliament, upon the 15th. day of the same December. London: John Wright & Richard Chiswell, 1680. Folio (27.1 cm, 10.75"). [4], 133–43, [1] pp. [with] England & Wales. Sovereign (1660–1685: Charles II). His Majesties declaration to all his loving subjects, touching the causes & reasons that moved him to dissolve the two last parliaments. London: Pr. by the assigns of John Bill, Thomas Newcomb, & Henry Hills, 1681. Folio. 10, [2] pp.
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A Counterfeit Edition / A Sophisticated Copy / A FANTASTIC STORY
Enríquez Gómez, Antonio.  El siglo pitagorico, y Vida de don Gregorio Guadañia. [Spain]: publisher not identified, [1682; really ca. 1699]. 4to (20 cm; 8). [4] ff., 292 [i.e., 308] pp.
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Whoa! Hold on There! Just One Darn Minute!
Episcopal Church in Scotland.  The declinator and protestation of the archbishops and bishops, of the Church of Scotland, and others their adherents within that kingdome, against the pretended generall Assembly holden at Glasgow Novemb. 21. 1638. London: Pr. by John Ravvorth, for George Thomason & Octavian Pullen,, 1639. Small 4to. [1] f., 33, [1 (blank)] pp.
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Catherine, the RUINER
Estienne, Henri; Théodore de Bèze; Jean de Serres, attributed authors.  Discours merveilleux de la vie[,] actions & deportemens de Catherine de Medicis Royne mere; declarant tous les moyens qu'elle a tenus pour usurper le gouvernement du royaume de France & ruiner l'estat d'iceluy. No place: Selon la copie imprimée à Paris, 1649. 8vo (14.3 cm, 5.625"). 201, [1] pp.
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