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Catholic Church.  Pope, 1294–1303 (Bonifacius VIII). Liber sextvs decretalivm d. Bonifacii papae VIII. Clementis papae V. constitvtiones. Extravagantes tùm viginti d. Ioannis papae XXII. tùm communes. Haec omnia cvm svis glossis svae integritati restitvta, et ad exemplar romanvm diligenter recognita. Venetiis: Sub signo Aquilae renovantis, 1604. Folio (41.6 cm, 16.375"). *4A–Z8Aa–Ff8Gg6(-Gg6, blank) 2A–2M8 3A–3M8 2Nn4(-2Nn4, blank)*8**4; [4] ff., 948, 384, 396 numb. col., [12] ff., lacking a blank.
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Mystic, Friend of Teresa of Avila, Patron Saint of BRAZIL . . .
. . . *&* of . . . Night Watchmen
The LIMA Announcement of His Beatification
Catholic Church. Pope (1621–1623; Gregory XV).  Broadside, begins: Beatificatio. Servi dei fratris Petri de Alcantara Ordinis Minorvm Regvlaris obseruantiae Discalceatorum, fundatoris Prouinciae Sancti Iosephi in regno Castellae. Gregorivs PP. XV. ad perpetvam rei memoriam. Lima: Geronymo de Contreras, 1623. Imperial folio (42,5 x 30.5 cm, 16.75" x 11.75"). [1] p.
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Rare, Early Puebla ImprintUnknown to Medina
Catholic Church. Liturgy & ritual.  Forma, qve se debe gvardar en el pararse, sentarse, hincar las rodillas, y inclinarse; asi en las missas solemnes, feriales, y rezadas: como tambien en las horas canonicas, en el coro; cforme al rito del ceremonial nuevo romano, mandado imprimir, con sus reglas por...Don Iuan de Palafox, y Mendoza. Puebla de los Angeles: Por el Bachiller Iuan Blanco Alcaçar, 1649. Small 4to. [6] ff. (last a blank).
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THREE Classics with Commentary, in aPRIZE BINDING
Catullus, Gaius Valerius; Tibullus; & Propertius.  Catullus, Tibullus et Propertius, ex recensione Joannis Georgii Graevii, cum notis integris Jos. Scaligeri, M. Ant. Mureti, Achill. Statii, Roberti Titii, Hieronymi Avantii, Jani Dousae patris & filii, Theodori Marcilii, nec non selectis aliorum. Trajecti ad Rhenum [Utrecht]: Rudolphi a Zyll, G.F., 1680. Thick 8vo (19.6 cm, 7.75"). 2 pts. in 1. [12] ff., 638, [2] pp.; 662 pp. (i.e., 672), [32] ff.
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Tilting at Windmills, Protecting Dulcinea, & Flying to the MOON
Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de. Primera parte del ingenioso hidalgo don Qvixote de la Mancha. En Brucelas: Por Huberto Antonio, 1617. 8vo ( 16.8 cm; 6.625"). [8] ff., 583, [1] p., [3] ff. (one leaf in facsimile).
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The Development of aHacienda in the YUCATAN1626–1866
(Chalmuch Hacienda, Yucatan, Mexico).  Manuscript cahiers on paper of land transfers and inventories, in MAYA and Spanish. Chalmuch, Merida, elsewhere in Yucatan: 1626–1866. Folio (31 cm, 12.5"). 132 ff. (14 blank).
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For the Peace of the State
Chevalier, Sieur de.  Libre discours fait au roy, sur la conclusion de la paix. Paris: Abraham Saugrain, 1516 [i.e., 1616]. 8vo (17.6 cm, 6.9"). 8 pp.
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Pickering BCP FacsimileLarge & Lavish
Church of England.   Book of Common Prayer.  The book of common prayer: King James, anno 1604, commonly called the Hampton Court Book. London: William Pickering (pr. by Charles Whittingham), 1844. Folio (35.1 cm, 13.8"). [260] pp.
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Water & Land RightsA Law Suit in NAHUATL & Spanish
Citizens of Coculco & Tempatetetzintla v. Antonio de Padilla.   Manuscript on paper in Nahautl and Spanish. Tehuacán: 1624. Folio (31 cm, 12.25"). [10] ff.
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False Imprint
Claude, Jean.  Les plaintes des Protestans, cruellement opprimez dans le royaume de France. Cologne: Chez Pierre Marteau, 1686. 12mo (13.7 cm, 5.4"). [2], 192 pp.
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August Neander's Copy
Clement, of Alexandria, Saint.  Opera graece et latine quae extant. Lutetiae Parisiorum: Typis Regiis, 1641. Tall folio (32.7 cm, 12.9"). [28], 854, 74 (lacking 75–79 [index]) pp. (some pagination erratic; 823/24 repeated).
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Distinct & Deliberate Quests of Truth”First Edition, Variant Printing
Coke, Zachary [possible pseud. of Henry Ainsworth].  The art of logick; or the entire body of logick in English. Unfolding to the meanest capacity the way to dispute well, and to refute all fallacies whatsoever. London: Pr. by Robert White for George Calvert, 1654 [i.e., 1653]. 8vo (17.6 cm, 6.9"). [24], 222 pp.
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Leveller-Inspired Pamphlet: Get Rid of the Greedy Cheaters
Cole, William.  A rod for the lawyers: Who are hereby declared to be the grand robbers & deceivers of the nation; greedily devouring yearely many millions of the peoples money. London: Giles Calvert, 1659. 4to (18.2 cm, 7.2"). [4], 16 pp.
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The Muse of Poetry Holds Unbounded Power” over
Time & Fame
Congreve, William.  The birth of the muse. London: Jacob Tonson, 1698 [i.e., 1697]. Folio (32.2 cm, 12.7"). [2], 10 pp.
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Dutch RepublicanismFor & Against
Court, Pieter de la.  Interest van Holland, ofte, Gronden van Hollands-welvaren. Amsterdam: By Joan. Cyprianus vander Gracht, 1662. Small 8vo (15.5 cm; 6.125"). [8] ff., 267, [5] pp. [with bound at the end] Huygens, Constantijn. Den Herstelden Prins tot Stadt-houder ende Capiteyn Generaal vande Vereenighde Nederlanden, ten dienst ende luyster vande loffelijcke en de wel geformeerde Republijck vande Geunieerde Provincien, &c. tegens de boekjens onlangs uyt gegeven met den naem van Interest van Hollandt, ende stadt-houderlijcke regeringe in Hollandt ... Amsterdam: Voor Joan. Cyprianus vander Gracht, 1663. Small 8vo (15.5 cm; 6.125"). [16], 122, [4], [2 (blank)] pp.
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A Cavalier PoetHis Works
Cowley, Abraham.  The works...consisting of those which were formerly printed: and those which he design’d for the press, now published out of the authors original copies. The fourth edition. London: Henry Herringman (pr. by J.M.), 1674. Folio (30 cm, 11.8"). πa–c4B–Z4Aa–Zz4Aaa–Ccc4Ddd2A–S4T2; frontis., [42], 41, [1 (blank)], 80, [4], 70 (59/60 skipped in pagination, text uninterrupted), 154, 23, [1 (blank)], 148 pp.
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