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A "Golden-Mouthed" Aldine

John Chrysostom, Saint; Giulio Poggiani, trans.  Sancti Joannis Chrysostomi De virginitate liber, a Julio Pogiano conversus. Romae: Apud Paulum Manutium, Aldi F., 1562. 4to (21.8 cm, 8.625"). [8], 64 ff.

First Aldine edition: Chrysostom's meditations on the religious aspects of virginity, De Virginitate liber, along with a letter from Poggiani to Cardinal Bishop of Augsburg Otto Truchsess von Waldburg and a note to the reader. Essentially an extension of the papacy, the Roman Aldine press capitalized on its fame to disseminate — with great cachet — Vatican-approved texts in the publication war that was such an integral part of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation.
        John Chrysostom (349–407) was one of the four doctors of the Greek Church and the foremost preacher among the Church Fathers, the name "Chrysostom" meaning "golden-mouthed." The subject of some controversy, he fell afoul of the Empress Eudoxia and was exiled. Italian humanist and Greek scholar Poggiani (1522–68), secretary to Carlo Borromeo, led a much calmer life editing texts related to the Council of Trent, and even translated into Latin a catechism organized by the council.
        The text is neatly printed in roman in single-column format with capital spaces with guide letters (unaccomplished) and marginal notes; the title-page contains the iconic Aldine device.
        Provenance: Early ink signature "Alexii Feni" on title-page; most recently in the library of American collector Albert A. Howard, small booklabel ("AHA") at rear of both the text and its clamshell housing.

Adams C1559; UCLA, Aldine Press: Catalogue of the Ahmanson-Murphy Collection (2001), 674; EDIT 16 CNCE 27775; Renouard, Alde, p. 186, 5; Goldsmid, Aldine Press at Venice, *546. On John Chrysostom, see: New Catholic Encyclopedia, VII, 1041–44. 16th-century limp vellum with title label on spine and evidence of ties; vellum wrinkled and stained, significant portions lacking on spine, edges of endpapers tattered with some paper loss and text block recently reattached. Housed in a maroon cloth clamshell with black leather labels. Light to moderate age-toning and staining with the occasional spot, several leaves with waterstaining to bottom corner or small marginal worm tracking; a handful of creased corners, a few examples of hurried paper manufacture, chipping to edges of first and last few leaves of text including title-page. Provenance marks as above, one early inked correction to a marginal note.  (38092)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Kiessling, Nicolas.  The Library of Anthony Wood. Oxford: The Oxford Bibliographical Society, 2002. 4to (25 cm; 10"). lviii, 758 pp.

Wood was a "celebrated historian and diarist and the owner of one of the largest collection of books and manuscripts in seventeenth-century Oxford." The library total nearly 7000 printed items and now resides in the New Bodlein Library, having been transfer there from the Asmolean in 1860. The introduction goes on to explain the purpose of the work: "The Library of Anthony Wood is a record in alphabetical order of all the letterpress that Anthony Wood owned. The main body of this catalogue gives general bibliographical descriptions of and distinctive details about Wood's personal copies The introduction and a series of appendices summarize and isolate information found in the entries. . . . My major objective is to determine why, when, and how Wood acquired printed items, what he acquired and how he organized, bound, read, annotated, and disposed of them. Hence details about the provenance, the completeness and condition of each printed item, of the binding, and of Wood's annotations are included in each entry. The second objective is to provide an accurate catalogue of all the books that he owned."
        From the library of American collector Albert A. Howard, small booklabel ("AHA") at rear.

Hardcover. Issued without dust jacket. Green paper-covered boards with cream cloth shelfback,. Extremities bumped. Very good.  (38212)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Deliyannis, Deborah Mauskopf.  Ravenna in late antiquity. Cambridge, New York, etc.: Cambridge University Press, (copyright 2010). 4to (26 cm; 10.25"). xix, 444 pp., [8] pp. of plates; illus. (some color).

"Ravenna was one of the most important cities of late antique Europe. Between 400 and 751 AD, it was the residence of western Roman emperors, Ostrogothic kings, and Byzantine governors of Italy, while its bishops and archbishops ranked second only to the popes. This book provides a comprehensive survey of Ravenna's history and monuments in late antiquity, including discussions of scholarly controversies, archaeological discoveries, and new interpretations of art works" (publisher description on d/j)..
       Contents: Roman Ravenna -- Ravenna and the western emperors, AD 400-489 -- Ravenna, the capital of the Ostrogothic kingdom -- Religion in Ostrogothic Ravenna -- Ravenna's early Byzantine period, AD 540-600 -- Ravenna capital, AD 600-850.

Publisher's brown cloth in fine d/j. As new.  (38215)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Lees-Milne, James.  The age of Inigo Jones. London: B.T. Batsford Ltd., (copyright 1953). 4to (25 cm; 9.75") 242 pp., illus., ports.

First edition of a good, popular study of this famous 17th-century English architect.

Publisher's red cloth. Light wear to cloth, spine a little dull. A very good copy.  (38213)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Mechanics and Metals National Bank (New York).  Mexico, a brief record of the economic conditions of the republic lying to the south of the United States, in their relation to the outside world. New York: The Mechanics & Metals National Bank, 1916. 12mo. [1] f., 46 pp.

Facts, figures, and personalities for businessmen concerned with doing business in Mexico during the Revolution. WorldCat locates only the copy at Harvard.

Discarded as part of the New York Public Library’s "Pamphlet Volume Preservation Project": now stapled and in a library pamphlet binder with cloth spine. Library perforation stamp. Wrappers very brittle and badly chipped.  (34229)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Fernández, José Diego.  Petróleo y carbón de piedra. Denuncio, expropiación. Mexico: Imprenta del Gobierno Federal, 1905. 8vo. 43 pp.

On petroleum law and legislation, on coal mines and mining and associated laws and legislation, and including "Consulta de la Secretaría de Fomento" on p. [3]. WorldCat locates only three copies in the U.S.

Discarded as part of the New York Public Library’s "Pamphlet Volume Preservation Project": now stapled and in a library pamphlet binder with cloth spine. Library stamps. Brittle wrappers.  (34224)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Alvarado, Salvador.  The agrarian law of Yucatan. Merida, [Mexico]: No publisher/printer, 1915. 8vo (9"). 19 pp.

The "Notice to the reader" on the verso of the title-page reads: "Outside of the government of New Zealand there have not been enacted any more drastic agrarian laws than those decreed by Governor Salvador Alvarado of Yucatan. Readers who will take the trouble to peruse the law publish in this pamphlet will confer a favor by sending their opinion on the subject. Kindly address c/o Latin-American News Assn., 1400 Broadway, Knickerbocker Theatre Bldg., New York, NY." The full text of the 1915 law is given in English translation.
        NUC and WorldCat locate only microfilm copies in the U.S.

Discarded as part of the New York Public Library’s "Pamphlet Volume Preservation Project": now stapled and in a library pamphlet binder with cloth spine. Minor library stamps.  (34189)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Cossío, José L.  Apuntes para la historia de la propiedad en México. No place: No publisher/printer, 1917. 8vo (9"). 24 pp.

Rare first edition, reprinted in the same year but with a publisher given and extending to only 22 pages.

Discarded as part of the New York Public Library’s "Pamphlet Volume Preservation Project": now stapled and in a library pamphlet binder with cloth spine. Brittle, some chipping. Library perforation and rubber stamps.  (34181)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Cossío, José L.  Monopolio y fraccionamiento de la propiedad rústica. Conferencia dada por el Sr. Lic. Jose L. Cossio la noche del 6 de julio de 1914, en la sala de sesiones de la sociedad agrícola mexicana. Mexico: Tip. de J. M. Linares, 1914. 8vo (9"). 35, 16 pp.

A classic study of the problem of rural landholding at the time of the Mexican Revolution. A copy of the now rare first edition, complete with both parts. Two of the three copies reported to WorldCat and NUC are incomplete, being only the final 16 pages.

Discarded as part of the New York Public Library’s "Pamphlet Volume Preservation Project": now stapled and in a library pamphlet binder with cloth spine. A bit brittle, some chipping.  (34180)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

 Der Neue, Amerikanische Landwirthschafts-Calender, auf das Jahr unsers Heilands Jesu Christi 1864 ... Verechnet von Lawrence I. Ibach, Rachfolger von C. F. Egelmann. Reading, PA: Gedruckt und zu haben bey Johann Ritter und Comp, [1863]. 4to. 32 pp.

Front wrapper has a full-page wood engraving by W. Schoner of a farm being plowed, a ship in the distance, and a town across the river.

A bit tattered and bug-spotted.  (33706)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

 Der Neue, Amerikanische Landwirthschafts-Calender, auf das Jahr unsers Heilands Jesu Christi 1858 ... von Carl Friederich Egelmann. Reading, PA: Gedruckt und zu haben bey Johann Ritter und Comp, [1857]. 4to. 39, [1] pp.

Front wrapper has a full-page wood engraving by W. Schoner of a farm being plowed, a ship in the distance, and a town across the river.

A bit tattered and bug-spotted.  (33705)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Palyvou, Klaire.  Akrotiri Thera: an architecture of affluence 3,500 years old. Philadelphia: INSTAP Academic Press, 2005. 4to (28 cm; 11"). xxv, 209 pp., illus. (some color), maps.

Contents: 1. The volcanic fate of Thera; 2. The archaeologist : an unexpected visitor 3,500 years later; 3. The settlement pattern of Thera during the 2nd millennium B.C.; 4. The Akrotiri region : landscape, past and present; 5. The town; 6. The buildings; 7. A guided tour through the town; 8. A synopsis of the Theran house model; 9. The art of building: materials and techniques; 10. Design and morphology; 11. Reconciling with the wrath of Engelados; 12. Thera and her neighbors in a time of opulence.
        In series "Prehistory monographs;, as volume 15.
        (This book is heavy and will require an increased shipping charge.)

Publisher's gray cloth lettered in gold and with a green and gold image on front board. Very good condtion.  (38208)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Spawn, Willman; Thomas E. Kinsella.  American signed bindings through 1876. New Castle, DE / Bryn Mawr, PA : Oak Knoll Press / Bryn Mawr College Library, 2007. 4to (28.5 cm; 1.25"). 299 pp., illus.

"Describes and illustrates 315 bookbinder's tickets, stamps, and engraved designations, from the 1750s through 1876. Identifies 233 binders from 19 states and 84 cities and towns from Maine to New Orleans and as far west as Little Rock. Provides brief descriptions of bindings and explanatory notes for many binders" (publisher).
        Contents: Identifying bookbinders; Signed bindings; American signed bindings through 1876; Bibliography; Indexes; Authors, editors, and titles; Provenance; Printers, publishers, and booksellers; Ticket and tool engravers; Bookbinders.
        (This book is heavy and will require an increased shipping charge.)

Publisher's blue cloth. Very good.  (38207)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Gere, Cathy.  Knossos and the prophets of modernism. Chicago & London: The University of Chicago Press, 2009. 8vo (23.5 cm; 9.15"). x, 277 pp., illus.

"In the spring of 1900, British archaeologist Arthur Evans began to excavate the palace of Knossos on Crete, bringing ancient Greek legends to life just as a new century dawned amid far-reaching questions about human history, art, and culture. Over the next three decades, Evans engaged in an unprecedented reconstruction project, creating a complex of concrete buildings on the site that owed at least as much to modernist architecture as they did to Bronze Age remains. In the process, he fired the imaginations of a whole generation of intellectuals and artists, whose work would drive movements as disparate as fascism and pacifism, feminism and psychoanalysis. With Knossos and the Prophets of Modernism, Cathy Gere relates the fascinating story of Evans' excavation and its long-term effects on Western culture" ( Publisher).
        Contents: The birth of tragedy, 1822-1897; An archaeology of heroes; A prophecy of tragedy; Fascism's Greek prehistory; What Ariadne is; Stand-up tragedy, 1851-1899; The dry smell of time; Eastern questions; The road to the labyrinth; Greek defeat; Reconstructing the nation; Ariadne's lament, 1900-1913; Ariadne's throne; The great Cretan mother; Ariadne's dancing floor; The making of a goddess; The Villa Ariadne; Cretan victory; Ariadne in Chirico city;- The concrete labyrinth, 1914-1935; The throne room complex; Captain of the blacks; Court ladies; Priest-king and cowgirls; Lost boys; The lady of sports; The magic ring; The psyche element; Little souls; Psyche's labyrinth, 1919-1941; Mythical method; The decline of Crete; Achilles' shield; Freudian archaeology; Psyche's muse; Crete on the couch; The battle of Crete; The rebirth of comedy, 1942-1949; Psyche reborn; Paradise before Eve; Psyche rewritten; The consort; New Crete; The birth of farce, 1950-2000; Romantic revivals; The white goddess; Black Athena; The road back to war.

Publisher's black cloth Pictorial d/j. Fine.  (38206)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Thimme, Jürgen; Friedrich Hewicker.  Frühe Plastik aus Sardinien. Wiesbaden: Insel-Verlag, 1956. 12mo (18.5 cm; 7.25"). [2] ff., [30] pp. of illus., [14] pp. of text. Illus.

Brief study of ancient bronze figurines in Sardinia. Includes bibliographical references.

Publisher's boards. Very good condition.  (38205)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Lochnan, Katharine A.  The etchings of James McNeill Whistler. New Haven & London: Yale University Press, 1984. 4to (27 cm; 10.5"). xi, [1], 308 pp., illus.

With nearly 300 illustrations, this was the catalogue for an exhibition in September and November , 1984, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and later (November 1984 - January 1985) at the Art Gallery of Ontario (Canada).
        (This book is heavy and will require an increased shipping charge.)

Publisher's black cloth with with illustrated d/j. Some crinkling of early pages. Else very good.  (38202)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Moore, Frank Frankfort.  The Jessamy bride. Chicago & New York: Herbert S. Stone & Co., 1900. 12mo (19.5 cm; 7.75"). 417 pp.

Limited edition of 1000 copies, signed by the author. Fiction featuring Oliver Goldsmith and Dr. Johnson. First published in 1896 by Stone — Stone and Kimball — the much collected Chicago publishers.

Kramer; Stone & Kimball, 126 (12th thousand). Publisher's red cloth lettered in gilt. Top edge gilt.  (38199)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

OMAR Charmingly Presented

Omar Khayyám.  Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám the astronomer-poet of Persia. Rendered into English verse. London/New York: Ernest Nister / E.P. Dutton & Co., n.d. [1907]. Small 12mo (17.5 cm; 7"). [1] f., frontis. leaf, 147 pp., 1 leaf, 4 color plates.

Classic piece of Persian literature and a sensation in "the West" beginning with the first translation into English in 1859. Here translated by Edward Fitzgerald and in the "Heath Robinson Edition," i.e., with color illustrations and page decorations by Thomas Heath Robinson (1869–1954). The color illustrations include the frontispiece and four plates as well as in-text color vignettes.
        The quatrains are enclosed in decorative borders. The imprint date is from Potter.

Potter, Bibliography of the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám, 41. Publisher's blue cloth with front cover stamped in a cross of Art Nouveau and "Oriental" motifs in dark red and gold, with a center area in lighter blue featuring a "Middle Eastern" man standing with a glass of red liquid and holding a book. Rear cover plain. Spine with red, gold, and blue stamping and featuring a man's face in profile. Patterned endpapers, early owner's signature inside front cover; all edges gilt. A clean, sound copy.  (38195)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Baskett, James Newton.  Sweetbrier and thistledown, a story. Boston: W.A. Wilde Co., (1902). 12mo (19.5 cm; 7.75"). 340 pp.

Missouri author Baskett (1849–1925) provides a sequel to his 1898 novel At You-All's House, now with Shan McBride in middle age. Color frontispiece by W.F. Stecher.

Smith, American Fiction, 1901–1925, B325. Publisher's pale green Art Nouveau style binding stamped in green and red on front cover and green, red, and gold on spine. Signature of former owner on front free endpaper. Very good.  (38191)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Standards of 19th-Century American Cuisine, for the Inexperienced But Thrifty Housewife

American Lady, an.  The American home cook book, with several hundred excellent recipes, selected and tried with great care, and with a view to be used by those who regard economy, and containing important information on the arrangement and well ordering of the kitchen. New York: Dick & Fitzgerald, [1879? (copyright 1854)]. 16mo (17.7 cm, 7"). [4 (adv.)], 133, [1], [30 (adv.)] pp.; illus.

Solid, tried-and-true basics of home cooking for "those young Housekeepers who have not had the benefit of regular instructions in the affairs of the kitchen" (p. 3), with recipes given in narrative format and ingredients for the most part measured as "a little," "some," "plenty," or "a good deal of." The text is illustrated with 27 carving, serving, and butchering diagrams as well as depictions of 80 pieces of specialized kitchen equipment; the front cover engraving features one young woman and one older examining an implausibly well-stocked larder. The work was first printed by Garrett & Co. with a copyright date of 1854, and there were several subsequent printings by Dick & Fitzgerald all bearing the same date, differing only in the amount of advertising included — Lowenstein lists three such issues distinguished only by the count of final advertisements, making it difficult to identify specific editions; our suggested publication date is based on some of the other books advertised here.
        The publisher's advertisements (both at the front and back of the volume) are of particular interest, promoting works including "dialect recitations" for would-be Dutch, French, Yankee, and Irish imitators; Yale College Scrapes; Or, How the Boys Go It at New Haven; a Ku Klux Klan "songster"; The Art and Etiquette of Making Love (featuring instructions on courtship, writing love letters, popping the question, breaking off engagements, etc.); The Hindoo Fortune-Teller and Oracle of Destiny; and reference works on card games, hunting and trapping, playing banjo, and bartending, along with many other topics.

Bitting, pp. 515/16; Cagle & Stafford 29; Lowenstein, American Cookery Books, 605. Publisher's printed orange paper–covered boards with teal cloth shelfback, spine with blind-stamped title; binding rubbed and scuffed, with hinges slightly tender. Early pencilled ownership inscription of Mrs. Berry on one front advertisement page. Pages faintly age-toned, otherwise clean. An excellent overview of the state of the average mid-to-late 19th-century American kitchen, here in a nice copy.  (38193)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Fishes Through the Seasons by Hiroshige

Holme, Bryan, & Ando Hiroshige.  Hiroshige: A shoal of fishes. New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art / Viking Press, 1980. 8vo (26.8 cm, 10.5"). [54] ff.; illus.

First edition: The graceful works of masterful ukiyo-e artist Ando Hiroshige (1797–1858), depicting neatly colored fish representing the seasons, are presented here as gorgeous double-page reproductions. => With the Japanese accordian-style binding, the entire book can be opened to reveal a long line of fish swimming one after the other, from one season to the next. The fishes and the seasons they represent are identified in the back of the book, each one accompanied by a short poem by a contemporary poet. Bryan Holme, author and publisher of art and photography books, provides the introduction.
        Provenance: From the library of American collector Albert A. Howard, small booklabel ("AHA") at rear.

Publisher's red cloth with white label, Japanese accordian-style binding in original slipcase; slipcase edges faded, lightly scraped, spine creased. => A near impeccable copy.  (38063)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Nash, Susie.  Between France and Flanders: manuscript illumination in Amiens [in the fifteenth century]. London/Toronto: British Library / University of Toronto Press, 1999. Small 4to (25.5 cm; 10"). 421 pp., plates, illus.

In series "The British Library Studies in Medieval Culture." Illustrated in color and black and white and with tables and diagrams. The first detailed study of manuscript illumination in Amiens in the late Middle Ages.
        (This book is heavy and will require an increased shipping charge.)

Publisher's blue cloth with very good d/j printed in color.  (38201)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Connor, Ralph; George Adam Smith; & Louis F. Grant, illustrator.  Black rock: a tale of the Selkirks. New York: Grosset & Dunlap, n.d. [1915?]. 8vo (20.5 cm; 8"). Frontis., 270 pp., 7 plates.

Fiction based upon personal experiences at the end of the 19th century in the mining and lumber camps of the Selkirk Mountains in the northern portion of the Idaho Panhandle, eastern Washington, and southeastern British Columbia. A later reprinting.

Publisher's vertically grained green cloth. Front cover lettered in gold and black and with an Art Nouveau inspired image of the sun rising behind hills and framed by two trees. Spine also lettered in gold and black and with a repeat of a portion of the rising sun image. Previous owner's signature on front fly-leaf and rear pastedown. Very good.  (37537)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Ade, George, John T. McCutcheon, illus.  Pink Marsh, a story of the streets and town. Chicago & New York: Herbert S. Stone & Co., 1897. 12mo (17.5 cm; 6,75"). Frontis., 196, [1 (text)], [1 (blank)], [15 (ads) pp., 35 plts.

"This story is rewritten from a series of sketches which first appeared in The Chicago Record" (copyright page). Set in Chicago, it features "everyday" characters like Artie, an office boy; Doc Horne, a gentlemanly liar; and Pink Marsh, a black shoeshine boy.
        First edition.

Wright, III, 28; Kramer, Stone & Kimball, 128. Publisher's greenish gray cloth ruled in green as a wooden fence with title in green on front cover and a pink and green "coat of arms." Top edge gilt.  (38198)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Professionally Published Cookery, Locally Influenced Advertising & Fundraising

Milford (MA). Young Men's Christian Association. Women's Auxiliary.  Cook book "Something good for company." Milford, MA: Amherst Cook Book Co., (1912). 8vo (22.9 cm, 9"). 32 pp.

The Amherst Cook Book publishing company produced a number of variations on this title for organizations in need of fundraising efforts; each local group would have its version customized to reflect local advertising. Margaret Cook's America's Charitable Cooks bibliography does list a Something Good for Company from the same year, put out by the Class of 1916 of New Castle High School, New Castle, PA — but the present Massachusetts version does not appear in Cook. This copy was clearly much referred to, and includes a handwritten laid-in recipe for quinces with ginger as well as one pencilled annotation.
        WorldCat lists only two copies of any issue of this work, both held at Kansas State University. One was printed for the Ladies Circle of the Washington Street Baptist Church of Dover, NH, and the other for the Congregational Church of Granite Falls, MN.

Cook, America's Charitable Cooks, 233 (for PA edition only, not describing this MA printing). Not in Brown, Culinary Americana. Original printed paper wrappers, detached and chipped, with spots of staining. Pages stained but very readable. A production that reflects an interesting point of development and the increasing professionalization of the originally amateurish charitable cookbook genre — with all regional variations of this item now being rather uncommon.  (38119)   Add to My BOOK-STACK


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