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[Wolf, Nathanael Matthias von].  Unterricht gegen die Kinder-Blattern. Danzig : bey Daniel Ludewig Wedel,, 1772. 8vo (17 cm, 6.75"). 96 pp.

Wolf (1724-1784), a German botanist, physician, and astronomer, studied medicine at the University of Erfurt and received his M.D. in 1748. He became the personal physician of Teodor Kazimierz Czartoryski, the Prince-bishop of Poznań, until the bishop's death in 1768. The next year he opened a private office at Tczew and then practised at Danzig (now Gdańsk) from 1772. He went on to spend most of his adult life in Danzig.
        This is his treatise on smallpox in children.
        Searches of NUC and WorldCat find no U.S. libraries reporting ownership.

Not in VD18; not in Blake, NLM 18th Century. Contemporar light boards with marbled paper covering. Very good.  (39966)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Meyer, C. A.  Versuch einer neuen Darstellung des Unterschieds zwischen Gicht und Rheumatismus durch Hindeutungen auf das Grundwesen dieser Krankheiten. Hannover: in Commision der Hanschen Hofbuchhandlung, 1820. 8vo (18.5 cm, 7.25"). [3] ff., 62 pp, [1] f.

On rheumatism, joint disease in general, and musculoskeletal study.
        Searches of NUC and WorldCat fail to locate any U.S. library reporting ownership.

Original grey-green wrappers. Very good.  (39965)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Hyrtl, Joseph.  Catalog mikroskopischer injections-präparate welche durch Tausch oder Kauf zu beziehen sind von Professor Hyrtl in Wien. Wien: Wilhelm Braumüller, 1873. 8vo (21.2 cm, 8.25"). 40 pp.; illus.

"Catalog of microscopic injection preparations, which can be obtained by exchange or purchase." A most interesting anatomical specimens catalogue.
        Provenance: From the residue of the stock of the F. Thomas Heller bookselling firm (est. ca. 1928).
        Searches of NUC and WorldCat locate only four U.S. libraries (UC-San Francisco, UCLA, National Library of Medicine, UMinnesota) reporting ownership.

In yellow wrappers; lightly dust-soiled, red penciled number on rear wrapper, corner of rear wrapper torn. Minor age-toning to interior. Unopened.  (39963)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Wrabecz, Wenzel Joachim.  Geschichte der Abnehmung eines nach einem kunstmässig unterbundenen Schlagaderkropf Aneuvrisma verum abgestorbenen Oberarms ohne Messer, welche ... als sein Probstück für die Erhaltung der höchsten Würde in der Handarzneywissenschaft, am März, im Jahr 1782. Sämmtlich Chirurgisch-Mediz. Gelehrten zur Prüfung vorlegt Joachim Wrabetz, Ord. St. Joannis de Deo profess[us] ... Freiburg Freyburg im Breisgau: No publisher/printer, 1782. 8vo (19.5 cm, 7.75"). 35. [1] pp.

On an anatomy examination (i.e., medical dissertatin) for the removal of an aneurysmal bone cyst from the upper arm. Includes the author's vita (p. 27-35) by Matthäus Mederer.
        A German library cataloguer adds this to the library record: "Abnahme kunstmäßig Aneurisma Probestück Handarzneiwissenschaft sämtlich chirurgisch-medizinischen; Wrabecz, Wenzel Joachim: Geschichte der Abnehmung eines nach einem kunstmässig unterbundenen Schlagaderkropf Aneuvrisma verum abgestorbenen Oberarms ohne Messer, welche ... als sein Probstück für die Erhaltung der höchsten Würde in der Handarzneywissenschaft, am März, im Jahr 1782. Sämmtlich Chirurgisch-Mediz. Gelehrten zur Prüfung vorlegt Joachim Wrabetz, Ord. St. Joannis de Deo profess[us] . . . ."
        Searches of NUC and WorldCat find only one U.S. library (DNLM) reporting ownership.

VD18 10663452; not in Blake, NLM 18th Century. In very intriguing pastepaper wrappers. Very good condition.  (39957)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Guenz, Justus Gottfried.  Commentatio de arteria maxillari interna. Lipsiae: Ex Officina Langenhemiana, 1743. 4to (21.5 cm, 8.5"). 40 pp.

Guenz (1714-54) here addresses a letter to Exupère Joseph Bertin (1712–81), the anatomist, on the subject of the internal maxillary artery.
        Searches of NUC and WorldCat find only two U.S. libraries (ICU, DNLM) reporting ownership.

VD18 15067157-001; Blake, NLM 18th Century, p. 188. Never bound; remnant of green paper wrapper on spine. Dog-eared.  (39956)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

[Weiss, Nikolaus von].  Kurzgefasste Abhandlung einer ungewöhnlich und fonderbaren Krankheit der weiblichen Fortpflanzungstheile mit physiologisch-anatomischen Anmerkungen ... Rastadt: Johann Wolfgang Dorner, 1785. 4to (21.3 cm, 8.25"). 28 pp., fold. engr.

Gynecology treatise on growths on the female genital organ, with a detailed, folding engraving.
        Searches of NUC and WorldCat find only two U.S. libraries (ICU, DNLM) reporting ownership. Both spell the first word of the title as "Kurzgefaszte" unlike the copies reported in European libraries.

VD18 14687844-005; Blake, NLM 18th Century, p. 485. Never bound; remnant of gold paper wrapper on spine. Dog-eared.  (39955)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Galés, Jean Chrysanthe.  Mémoire et rapports sur les fumigations sulfureuses appliquées au traitement des affections cutanées et de plusieurs autres maladies. Paris: Imprimérie Royale, 1816. 8vo (20.5 cm, 8.25"). [2] ff., 141, [1] pp., 11 folded leaves of plates.

On diseases of the skin and the therapeutic use of sulfur. The plates are printed in brownish-red tint.

Contemporary half tan leather, spine worn; front joint (outside) cracked but board holding nicely. Internally very good.  (39922)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Tissot, S.A.A.D.  Dissertatio de febribus biliosis; seu Historia epidemiae biliosae Lausannensis, an MDCCLV. Accedit Tentamen de morbis ex manustupratione. Venetiis: apud Bertella et Perlini, 1769. 8vo (18 cm, 7"). xvi, 189 pp.

On the malaria epidemic in Lausanne in 1755.

Blake, NLM 18th Century, p. 452. Half vellum with block printed paper sides. Scattered foxing. A complete and very decent copy.  (39920)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Fine Press Edition with Important Scholars' Essays

Compagnoni, Giuseppe.  Las Vigilias de Tasso traducidas del Italiano por el ciudadano Lelardo. Tacambaro, Michoacan, Mexico: Taller Martin Pescador, 2016. 8vo (23 cm; 9"). xv, [1 (blank)], 131, [1] pp.

Las Vigilias de Tasso was the first book printed in the state of Michoacan (1827) and is a very rare book: Searches of the appropriate databases locate only the British Library copy and three copies in U.S. libraries. Compagnoni presented the work as a hitherto unknown work of Tasso, but => it was his own creation.
        The translator, "Lelardo," was in fact Manuel de la Torre Lloreda. In this fine press edition of Las vigilias, Juan Pascoe's press (Taller Martin Pescador) has invited scholars Catarina Camastra and Moises Guzman Perez to contribute what are significant essays on Las Vigilias, its true author, its Mexican translator, and the work's printer. The essays on the translator and printer are important additionally for the history of => the portable press of the Independence era, the Imprenta del Ejercito Imperial de las Tres Garantias.
        The colophon explains, "Florencio Ramirez compuso las letras Blado, Castellar y Polifilo para este libro, y Juan Pascoe y Martin Urbina imprimieron 150 ejemplates sobre paper Strozzi de Ponte entre noviembre de 2014 y agosto de 2016." The copies are unnumbered. => This is one of the few hardbound copies.

Uncut and partially unopened. Quarter café au lait crushed morocco with oatmeal-colored linen sides; dark red leather spine label and dark reddish brown endpapers (bound by Lucía Farías Villarreal of Monterrey, Mexico: => New.  (39878)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Two Innocent Men NOT Hanged — But a Very Near Thing

Sargeant, Leonard.  The trial, confessions and conviction of Jesse and Stephen Boorn for the murder of Russell Colvin, and the return of the man supposed to have been murdered. Manchester, VT: Journal Book & Job Office, 1873. 8vo (23.3 cm, 9.25"). 48 pp., illus.

The trial of the Boorns "is one of the most famous cases of American criminal law and a constant reminder that innocent persons can be convicted. Russell Colvin, the alleged victim, had married a sister of the Boorns and had several children by her. He was mentally deficient and disappeared in 1812. Local gossip credited the Boorns with having disposed of him, presumably because he was a burden on the family. In the spring of 1819. the Boorns were arrested and, either from fear or mental weakness, they told stories involving each each other in the death of Colvin - Stephen's amounting to a confession of murder. They were tried and sentenced to be hanged; the state legislature, however, commuted Jesse's sentence to life imprisonment. As a last resort a notice was placed in the papers requesting information about Colvin. A farmer in Monmouth County, New Jersey, believed he recognized a hired man in the vicinity from the description. This man, who was mentally deranged, was enticed to Manchester, arriving on December 22, 1819, six weeks before the day set for Stephen's execution. It was definitively established that he was the missing Colvin; he had apparently wandered off of his own volition" (McDade).
        Sargeant (1793-1880), one of the Boorns' defense attorneys, offers this account as a cautionary tale of the fallibility of the legal system. "Thought published fifty-four years after the event, the pamphlet . . . contains important information on the discover and return of Colvin" (McDade 113).

McDade, Annals of Murder, 111 (for the above quotation) & 113 for this account. As issued: Stitched, printed wrappers. Light spots of foxing to front wrapper. Very good.  (39950)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Jack's House & Jack's Malt — A "Chapbook" Tale

 The history of the house that Jack built, a diverting story. London: Harris & Son, 1821. 12mo (16.6 cm, 6.5"). [18] ff.; col. illus.

One of Harris's "most approved novelties for the nursery," from that publisher's "Cabinet for Youth" series; a chapbook in all its feeling though a bit larger in size and differently formatted from most, with its classic story here having => 17 hand-colored wood engravings, including the title-page vignette. Each leaf, printed on one side only, bears a large, neatly and skillfully colored illustration (with the exception of the unadorned publisher's advertisement page), starting with Jack's very attractive house and its "Jack"-labelled malt sacks and ending with a large cut of Sir John Barley-corn (looking rather like Henry VIII).
        The second edition, following the first of the previous year. Harris published his fifth and last in 1830.
        Provenance: From the children's book collection of Albert A. Howard, small booklabel ("AHA") at rear.

Gumuchian 3085; Moon, John Harris's Books for Youth, 362(2). Not in Osborne Collection. Lacks printed wrappers; in contemporary block-printed floral–pattern wrappers, rubbed and backed. Occasional small spots of foxing; pages otherwise clean and entirely free of childish markings — or even any hints of having been held by childish hands. => A very nice copy of this early printing.  (39871)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Paris, Jean-François; Filippe José d'Andrade, trans.  Memoria a respeito da peste. Lisboa: Na Regia officina typografrica, 1788. Small 8vo (15.5 cm, 6"). 166, [2] pp.

Sole Portuguese translation of Paris' treatise on the plague (Mémoire sur la peste) originally printed in 1778.

Blake, NLM 18th Century, p. 338. Contemporary mottle sheep, binding a bit sprung. Paper shelving label of a private library on spine. Lacks front free endpaper. Front hinge (inside) open but board holding strong. Another label on title-page, small hole in same. Small brown stain on last few leaves.  (39924)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Naumburg, Johann Samuel.  Abhandlung von der Beinkrümmung nebst einer Beschreibung der Ehrenmannischen Fussmaschine, und einigen angehängten bemerkenswerthen Beobachtungen unter andern über ein Substitut der Eisengranulirbäder, und den Gebrauch des cubischen Salpeters: mit drey Kupfertafelnm. Leipzig: Siegfried Lebrecht Crusius, 1796. 8vo (17 cm, 6.75"). XXIV, 296 pages, 3 fold. plts.

On orthopedics, orthopedic apparatus, and leg abnormalities.

Not in Blake, NLM 18th Century. Light boards covered with a scrap of 17th-century printed text.  (39921)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Venette, Nicolai.  ... Abhandlung von Erzeugung der Menschen. Königsberg: Christoph Gottfried Eckart, 1738. 8vo (17 cm, 6.75"). Frontis., [16] ff., 546 pp., 10 leaves of plts.

On human reproduction.

This edition not in Blake, NLM 18th Century. Contemporary half vellum with multi-color pastepaper on the boards. Internally very good.  (39918)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

The Father of English Medicine

Sydenham, Thomas.  ... Methodus curandi febres, propriis observationibus superstructa. Amstelodami: Apud Gerbrandum Schagen, 1666. 12mo (14 cm, 5.5"). 112 pp.

The first Continental printing, appearing the same year as the true first (London, Impensis J. Crook), of Sydenham's first published work, being => a foundational work on fevers and the beginning of his work on epidemiology. "In the later half of the seventeenth century, internal medicine took a entirely new turn in the work of one of its greatest figures, Sydenham, who revived the Hippocratic methods of observation and experience. He was one of the principal founder of epidemiology, and his clinical reputation rests upon his first hand accounts of malarial fever, scarlatina, measles, dysentery, and numerous other diseases" (Heirs of Hippocrates).
        Provenance: Unidentified 17th-century, possibly English, bookplate designed and engraved by Claude Mellan, incorporating suns in splendor and triple lozenges beneath a knightly helm.
        Both 1666 editions are rare (a term we shy from using) in U.S. institutions. Searches of NUC, WorldCat, and ESTC locate only two U.S. libraries (New York Academy of Medicine, National Library of Medicine) reporting ownership of the London printing, and only four (National Library of Medicine, Yale, The Institute of the History of Medicine at Johns Hopkins, and the College of Physicians of Philadelphia) of this Amsterdam edition.

Heirs of Hippocrates 352; Garrison & Morton 2198; Biblotheca Osleriana 994 (all three bibliography citations are for the 1676 edition). Contemporary brown calf with minor scuffing, gilt spine with center devices but no title or author lettering, board edges with a gilt dog-tooth roll. Bookplate as above; text clean with the very occasional dot or small blot of old ink only. => A very nice copy.  (39913)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Bible for Beginners

(Bible).  Scripture history; or, a brief account of the Old and New Testament. London: Printed for J. Wallis ... by J. Cundee, 1801. Near miniature (9.6 cm, 3.75"). Frontis., 32, 32 pp.

Here for the young audience is a small volume composed of one-page or slightly longer synopses of the various books of the Bible. The volume begins with a fine metal-engraved frontispiece.
        The book was also issued in the same year as vol. 6 of Wallis' ten-volume Book-Case of Knowledge.
        Provenance: From the children's book collection of Albert A. Howard, small booklabel ("AHA") at rear.
        Searches of NUC and WorldCat find only four U.S. libraries reporting ownership (NN, CtNlC, NNPM, NjP).

Original green paper–covered boards, front with printed paper label; spine slightly sunned and rubbed. Pages clean and fresh.  (38808)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Don't Fall for It, Fatima!

Perrault, Charles.  The history of Blue Beard. With a coloured engraving. Derby / London: Thomas Richardson / Robert Sears & Co., [ca. 1830]. 24mo (14 cm, 5.5"). 12 pp.

Derby-printed tuppence chapbook of this classic tale of a murderous madman; with a hand-colored frontispiece with two images.
        Provenance: From the children's book collection of Albert A. Howard, small booklabel ("AHA") at rear.
        Searches of NUC, WorldCat, and COPAC locate => only one U.S. library reporting ownership (Pierpont Morgan) and four internationally.

Meriton & Dumontet, Small Books, 92. Fine copy in original green wrappers.  (38812)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Apes, Foxes, Crabs, Etc. — Clean, Fresh Copy

 A collection of fables, for the instruction and amusement of little misses & masters. Adorned with cuts. York: Printed by J. Kendrew, [ca. 1820]. Near miniature (10 cm, 3.875"). 32 pp.; illus.

Penny chapbook of instructive, Aesopian animal fables (many in rhyme), first published in 1760 and here illustrated with => 23 woodcuts. The work, from Kendrew of York, opens with upper- and lower-case alphabets in both roman and italic.
        Provenance: From the children's book collection of Albert A. Howard, sans indicia.

Osborne Collection p. 2; Davis, Kendrew of York, 6; Gumuchian 1790. Publisher's printed paper wrappers, front one with an accidental enclosure between wrapper and affixed frontispiece revealed by a small bump; removed from a nonce volume with sewing holes showing, and with evidence by way of the enduring impression of its long-felt pressure that this was therein bound with something smaller following it. A little dust-soiling to some bumped lower corners, towards end, and last page with old spot/adhesion; otherwise => remarkably clean and apparently => unread unless by a very careful child.  (38807)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Three in One & All Rare

Thierry, Martin.  Paraclesis catholica Franciae ad Francos, ut fortes in fide & vocatione qua vocati sunt, permaneant. Parisiis: Ioannes Bignon, 1539. 8vo (16.5 cm, 6.5"). [8] ff.

[bound with the same author's] Adventus Caesaris in gallias ad annam mommorantium Franciae connestabilem. Parisiis: Ioanne Bignon, 1540. [4] ff. [and his] Martini Theodorici Bellovaci Epigrammata, ad R. Odonem Collignium, cardinalem Castillioneum, Archiepiscopum Tholosanum, Episcopum & comitem Bellovacensem. Parisiis: apud Hieronymum Gormontium, 1539. 36 ff.
        Rare gathering of three works — one even, apparently, unrecorded — from poet and law professor Martin Thierry, showcasing his versatile writing styles, from an anti-Lutheran piece with an acrostic poem written for Duc Anne de Montmorency (1492–1567) to Neo-Latin poems and epigrams covering people and topics ranging from the contemporary, such as Salmon Macrin, to the fantastical, including a versification of an Aesop fable, and a series of poems in the Sylvae style.
        The texts are printed in single columns using roman and italic type with the occasional decorative initial, shouldernote, or acrostic key neatly printed along the margin; a sizable woodcut of Duc Anne de Montmorency's arms appears in the dedication of the second pamphlet. All three works are uncommon, with searches of Worldcat, COPAC, and the NUC Pre-1956 revealing only two U.S. institutions reporting holdings of any of them (both for the Epigrammata).
        Binding: 17th-century dark brown calf, spines with raised bands, covers framed in multiple blind fillets and with a double frame of gilt fillets having fleurs-de-lis at corners and a gilt diamond stamp at center. All edges gilt;
        Provenance: Title-page with two early users' inked notes of ownership, one beginning "In Libris," and their shelving marks; most recently in the library of American collector Albert A. Howard, small booklabel ("AHA") at rear.

On Paraclesis, see: BP16 109531; Moreau, Éditions parisiennes du XVI siècle, V, 1515; USTC 186273. On Epigrammata, see: Adams T509; BP16 109530; Moreau, Éditions parisiennes du XVI siècle, V, 1514; USTC 147612. Bound as above, well rubbed, leather crackling, front joint (outside) and hinges (inside) starting but covers firmly attached. Periodic marginal waterstaining, portions with creased fore-edges/corners, two corners with paper flaws (one being a fly-leaf). Booklabel and inscriptions as above. => A trio of scarce texts from one author.  (39775)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Adventures, Misadventures, Two Lions, & a Dead Turkish Prince

 The famous history of the valiant London 'prentice. [Nottinhgam]: Printed for the honourable Company of Walking Stationers, [ca. 1790]. 16mo (15.5 cm, 6"). 24 pp.; illus.

This Midlands-printed chapbook is illustrated with => eleven crude but exciting woodcuts and "[r]ecounts the adventures of the brave and attractive youth, Aurelius, who is apprenticed to a London merchant after his beauty attracts the unwanted attention of the young women of his town. Aurelius ingratiates himself with his master, falls in love with the master's daughter, but, having his love unreciprocated, asks to be sent to Turkey. In Constantinople, Aurelius kills a Turkish prince at a tournament, is imprisoned and sentenced to death, but easily overpowers the two lions sent to eat him, and is rewarded for his valor" (University of Washington library record for its copy).
        Provenance: From the chapbook collection of Albert A. Howard, sans indicia.
        ESTC locates only four U.S. libraries reporting ownership (UCLA, Princeton, University of Washington, University of Florida).

ESTC N8308; Cropper, Nottinghamshire Printed Chap-Books, 18; Meriton & Dumontet, Small Books, 538. Removed from a bound volume; sewing perished. Very good condition. => Woodcuts wonderful.  (38813)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

"The Little Odd Antiquities of Early Literature Which
       Much Research Has Enabled Me to Collect Together"

Merryweather, Frederick Somner.  Bibliomania in the Middle Ages. London: Merryweather [Varty, Printer], 1849. 12mo (18 cm, 7.1"). iv, 218 pp.

First edition: collection of "sketches of bookworms — collectors — Bible students — scribes — and illuminators, from the Anglo Saxon and Norman periods, to the introduction of printing into England; with anecdotes, illustrating the history of the monastic libraries of Great Britain, in the olden time" as detailed on the title-page, focusing on a variety of historical figures including Aelfric, Abbot of Eynsham, Lanfranc, Archbishop of Canterbury, and Alcuin, among others. There are bibliographic references throughout, and a detailed index following the text.
        Provenance: Red and black booklabel of British bookseller and William Morris collector Arnold Yates on front pastedown; most recently in the library of Robert L. Sadoff, M.D., sans indicia.

NSTC 2M25592. Blue publisher's cloth, spine lettered in gilt, covers framed in double blind fillets surrounding an arabesque frame with central decorative piece in blind; very gently rubbed, spine and cover edges evenly sun-faded, corners very slightly bumped. Moderate age-toning with some foxing. Bookplate as above, a few bibliographical pencilled notes on endpapers. => Early tales of the bibliomania.  (39779)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Pomp & Ceremony — Court Costume — Really ALL You Need to Know!

(Coronation of George IV).  Sir Harry Herald's graphical representation of the coronation regalia; with the degrees and costume of different ranks. London: J. Harris & Son, 1824. 12mo (18 cm, 7"). 17, [1 (ads)] pp.; illus.

Issued in conjunction with the 1821 coronation of George IV and => designed for the juvenile readership, this engaging work introduces them to the regalia and costumes of the ceremony. Here in the fourth Harris edition, it was issued in the series "Harris' Cabinet of Amusement and Instruction."
        The => very precise, very well done, very informative hand-colored wood-engraved illustrations fill the upper half of each page, with letterpress text below: text and images are printed only on one page of each of the 16 leaves.
        Provenance: From the children's book collection of Albert A. Howard, small booklabel ("AHA") at rear.
        All four editions are scarce; of this fourth one, NUC and WorldCat find only four U.S. libraries reporting ownership (UC San Diego, Yale, Princeton, and Brown).

Gumuchian 2206; Moon, John Harris's Books for Youth, 799(3). Publisher's printed and illustrated off-white paper over light boards, darkened to a light taupe; later oversewing; binding shows wear and soiling. Occasional spotting in margins of text with creasing variously across leaves; one small bit of one margin taken at edge. => A good copy, with its colors as fresh as the day.  (38810)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

A Very Large University Broadside Printed on SILK

Linares Montefrio y Martinez, Evaristo.  Broadside. Begins, Excmo. domino ac semper domino meo, D. Josepho Moñino, comiti de Florida Blanca ... Exoptat hihi iam diu illuxit dies ... quo publicum oc non tantum mei in studiies, profectus, verum etiam grati animi significationes testimonium exhiberem. Toleti [i.e., Toledo]: apud Nicolaum de Almanzano, typographum universitatis, 1782. Folio (76 x 57 cm, 31" x 22.5" ). [1] p.

On 19 June 1782 at the Universidad de Toledo, Linares Montefrio stood to defend his Bachelor's degree and this => letterpress broadside on rose-colored silk was the official announcement of that test. The oral examination centered on Justinian's Institutes, specifically book three, title 26.
        It is handsomely printed using several point sizes of roman and italic, with center justification in the top portion and full justification below. Around the printed area are wide margins on the four sides, which margins contain => 16 large, crisp, evenly spaced impressions of the city of Toledo's double-headed eagle, with crown above, sword in its right talon and mace in its left.
        Boadsides were an important source of income for handpress-era printers in Europe and Spanish America and the printers offered "package deals" to the families of the graduate and post-graduate degree postulants; the packages were geared to the students' families' economic means. Broadsides could be large (folio) or small (8vo), have an engraving or not, have a border of type ornaments or not, and be printed on standard paper or colored paper (usually blue); if one splurged, one could get the announcement printed, as here, on silk. The usual total number of copies printed for each candidate is unknown at this time, but is likely to have been only one or two dozen, and we also don't know if more than one silk copy was printed when that top option was in fact ordered. In extravagant cases, one can imagine one for the degree candidate, one for the parents, one for each godparent, etc.; still, such cases would probably have been few.
        Certainly, the printers would have been willing to rake in as much money as possible, on each happy occasion, and these richly beautiful silk mementos — doubtless proudly displayed for years going forward in homes or offices — would have been excellent ongoing advertisements. Equally clearly, however, the number of copies of all of the defense broadsides surviving is small, and => the survival of those on silk is very small.
        No copies of this broadside are traced via the usual bibliographies, nor via NUC, WorldCat, COPAC, KVK, CCPB, or the OPACs of University of Toledo and the national library of Spain.

Rose-colored silk, with old folds; sun-fading variously and rather attractively approaching pinks and apricots. Sides "accented" by an attractive retained green and white selvage edge; bottom edge hemmed and top one, possibly once so, now with fraying and a bit of ravelling; near the broadside's center, a round hole costs six letters. => Still, at 230+ years old, frankly gorgeous.  (39844)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Aubuisson de Voissins, J. F. d'.  Observations sur les mines et les mineurs de Rancié, et sur l'administration de ces mines. Toulouse: Bellegarrigue, 1818. Small 8vo (20 cm, 7.75"). 44 pp.

Author was "Ingenieur en chef au Corps Royal des Mines." Apparently not held by any U.S. library.

Removed from a nonce volume.  (39906)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Murat, Jean-Baptiste-Arnaud.  Topographie physique et médicale du territoire d'Aubin, et Analyse des eaux minérales de Cransac ... Rodez: Imprimerie de L. B. Carrère, 1804. Small 8vo (20 cm, 7.75"). 53 pp.

Murat was "Inspecteur de ces eaux minerales" and this was printed "par ordre de Monsieur le Prefet du Departement de l'Aveiron." Apparently this is not held in any U.S. library.

Removed from a nonce volume.  (39905)   Add to My BOOK-STACK


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