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 The Necessity of defending our common school system against the aggressions of Roman Catholic priests. [New York?: No publisher/printer, 1876?]. 8vo (22 cm, 8.75") 16 pp.

This anti-Catholic pamphlet was authored by the New York Republican Party and is addressed to the voters, urging them to reject "a division of the school fund, or the use of any public funds for sectarian institutions of any description" (p. 16). In wonderful Nativistic logic it is asserted that Roman Catholics are engaged in a "conspiracy to obtain a portion of the school fund" for themselves; their schools are run by the Pope, a "foreign power," Further, the teachers in Catholic schools "are not Americans, eminent for their patriotism, piety and learning, but were imported from the heart of Ireland and papal Europe, where they were found in the convents and monstaries of time-worn Roman Catholic orders" (p. 12).
        "Read and circulate" printed below the title.

Removed from a bound volume of pamphlets. Good/very good.  (39309)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

The Envious Dog & the Ermine

[Wynne, John Huddlestone].  Tales for youth; in thirty poems: To which are annexed, historical remarks and moral applications in prose. London: Printed by J. Crowder for E. Newbery, 1794. 8vo (17 cm, 6.75"). x (i.e., viii), 158, [2] pp.; 1 plt., illus.

Verse and prose on conduct of life — explained via emblems and fables — fill this volume of Christian literature for children. The copper-engraved frontispiece is by Thomas Cook and => the 30 half-page rectangular wood-engraved headpieces are by John Bewick.
        Provenance: Early 20th-century bookplate of James Rolt; most recently in the children's book collection of Albert A. Howard, small booklabel ("AHA") at rear.

ESTC T3347; Roscoe, John Newberry and His Successors, J391 (1); Hugo, Bewick Collector, 72 & 4072; Osborne Collection, p. 88. Late 19th- or early 20th-century half tan calf with marbled paper sides; binding lightly rubbed. Bookplate and label as above; front fly-leaf with "No. 72 Hugo's Collector" inked in an early hand, accompanied by pencilled annotation re. Bewick. Small inkstain on title-page and one other, light soiling to text and foxing; leaf of advertisements soiled. Overall a good++ copy =>and well worthwhile.  (38917)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Maria F.C. Marsh: New York City Printer & Publisher

[Bolles, John R. (attrib. author)].  The lullaby, with original engravings. New York: M.F.C. Marsh, [ca. 1860-70]. 12mo (18.6 cm, 7.25"). [12] pp. (plus wrappers); illus.

This interesting and attractive children's book from a woman printer/publisher contains poems, including a hymn on p. [12] (without music). It is illustrated with four half-page wood-engraved, hand-colored images, and — interestingly — with several hand-colored woodcut large capitals.
        The cataloguer at the Harris Collection of American Poetry at Brown University attributes authorship to Bolles. The title and imprint statement are transcribed from p. [1] of the printed wrapper, while the date of publication is based on New York city directories: Maria F.C. Marsh operated as a publisher, bookseller, and stationer in New York between 1860 and 1870. The wood-engraved, hand-colored decorative border on the front wrappers is signed "J.D. Felter N.Y." (i.e., John D. Felter).
        Provenance: From the children's book collection of Albert A. Howard, sans indicia.
        NUC and WorldCat find only two libraries reporting ownership (Brown, AAS).

Original wrappers; later oversewing along spine. Folded once upon a time horizontally at midpoint, now causing fold tears in the wrappers; shorter tears in interior margins. Reds, greens, and yellows bright.  (38817)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Congenial Chaos from John Leech — A Bothersome Boy's Summer Stunts

Leech, John.  "Young Troublesome," or Master Jacky's holidays. London: Bradbury & Evans, [1850]. Oblong 8vo (18.3 cm, 7.2"). [4] pp.; 11 col. plts.

"From the blessed moment of his leaving school to the identical moment of his going back again, showing how there never was such a boy as that boy": In these => 25 hand-colored etchings by beloved illustrator John Leech (on the title-page and eleven plates, most of which latter bear several images), Jacky plays cricket in the drawing-room with predictably disastrous effects, creates a "terrific explosion" in his toy theatre at the grand finale of The Miller and His Men, blithely interferes with would-be romances, and generally makes a giant nuisance of himself. This is the first edition, with the original yellow front wrapper bound in.
        Provenance: Front pastedown with large armorial bookplate of Robert Herbert Mackworth-Praed of Mickleham Downs (designed by George William Eve, with his monogram in upper left corner) and with smaller plate of E. Foster Irvine (the latter with pencilled date of Nov. 15th 1903). Most recently in the children's book collection of Albert A. Howard, small booklabel ("AHA") at rear.

Chambers, Leech, 14; Tooley, Some English Books with Coloured Plates, 300. Late 19th-century half red pebbled goat and dark marbled paper–covered sides, leather edges ruled in gilt, spine with gilt-stamped title; joints, sides, and extremities rubbed, sides with small scratches, front cover with scuff. Original front wrapper bound in (now browned and with small scuffs). A few plates with unobtrusive small chip at lower inner margin, not approaching anywhere near images; gently age-toned and some leaves more darkly toned, with a few light smudges in margins. A good, solid copy of this very entertaining Leech production.  (39167)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

An Heir of Hippocrates — A Pioneer Forensic Psychiatist

Esquirol, Etienne.  Aliénation mentale. Des illusions chez les aliénés. Question médico-légale sur l'isolement des aliénés. Paris: Librairie Medicale de Crochard, 1832. 8vo (22 cm, 8.5"). [2] ff., 83, [1] pp.

Esquirol's work on mental disorders including hallucinations and illusions, and the treatment of the same, secured him a prominence among early practitioners of forensic psychiatry. "Along with Philippe Pinel (1745–1826), Jean-Étienne Esquirol (1772–1840) is often considered one of the fathers of clinical psychiatry. While his indebtedness to the views of his teacher, Pinel, is indisputable, his own later contributions to the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorder are often considered to be clinically superior and more sophisticated than those of his mentor. Esquirol's contributions to the psychopathology of affectivity are especially important and differ in many important respects from those of Pinel, who also stressed the role of the passions in mental disorder (Louis C. Charland's entry for Esquirol in the Encyclopedia of Clinical Psychology). "Like Pinel, Esquirol did not attempt to analyze mental illness from a philosophical standpoint but sought to classify and describe the various kinds of insanity he encountered in his practice. => Esquirol coined the term 'monomania,' a concept which anticipated the modern view of schizophrenia, and he was the first to distinguish hallucination from illusion" (Heirs, emphasis ours).
        Offered here is his landmark work known in English as "Observations on the illusions of the insane, and on the medico-legal question of their confinement." It originated as a "Memoire lu a l'Institut, le 1er octobre 1832" (p. 1) and is here reprinted in the first book edition from the Annales d'hygiène et de médecine légale.
        Provenance: From the library of Robert Sadoff, M.D.
        Searches of NUC and WorldCat locate fewer than ten U.S. libraries reporting ownership (ClobS, CLU, CtY-M, MH-M, DNLM, MnRM, CCCP, TxU-M, ViW) and COPAC finds only the copy at Cambridge. WorldCat adds one other British library reporting ownership (University of Essex).

On Esquirol see: Heirs of Hippocrates 766; The Haskell F. Norman Library of Science & Medicine 721. Original wrappers. Uncut, unopened. => An excellent copy.  (39178)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Sesonske, Alexander.  Nuclear power plant design analysis. Springfield, VA: Technical Information Center, Office of Information Services, United States Atomic Energy Commission, 1973. 8vo (22.8 cm, 9"). viii, 487, [1] pp.

"This book is primarily intended to provide nuclear engineering graduate students and inexperienced engineers with background material on several topics that play a vital role in the design of commercial nuclear power plants. As part of this introduction, a major objective is to bring out the interplays among engineering disciplines that affect the design. Since many of the topics considered are described at length only in the report literature, an attempt is made to at least discuss the appropriate highlights. A broad coverage consistent with the need to provide perspective is essential to meet these objectives. Some corresponding sacrifice in detail is therefore justified since the reader can consult reference material once he knows how much material fits into the overall picture" (p. 1).
        Provenance: On the front wrapper, the signature of Juan P. Chong.
        This is a heavy book and will require and increased shipping charge.

In white wrappers; lightly edgeworn and rubbed. Provenance marks as above; interior is bright. This is a heavy book and will require and increased shipping charge.  (39275)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Riggs, James L.  Engineering economics. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1977. 8vo (24.2 cm, 9.5"). xvii, [3], 617, [1] pp.

"The curricula of most professional schools include a course in applied economics under titles such as engineering economy, financial management, and managerial economics. Practicing professionals usually rate their "econ" course as one of the most useful subjects taken in college. This book is written to make that econ experience as rewarding as possible and to provide a comprehensive reference for future applications" (p. xiii)
        Provenance: On the front free endpaper, the very neatsignature of Juan P. Chong.
        This is a heavy book and will require and increased shipping charge.

In publisher's white and blue cloth; minor scuffing to boards. Provenance marks as above. Very good. This is a heavy book and will require and increased shipping charge.  (39274)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Coopersmith, Stanley.  Frontiers of psychological research. San Francisco: W.H. Freeman & Co., 1966. 4to (27.8 cm, 11"). xiii, [1], 322 pp.; illus.

"The present volume contains forty-four of the more than one hundred articles on psychological topics published by Scientific American during the past eighteen years. They have been organized into five parts, three of which are subdivided. Each part (and each subdivision) is presented by an introduction which discusses some underlying or central concerns and also gives the focus of each article. The entire selection represents an attempt to provide research reports covering the major areas of psychology. Hence it contains examples of different methods of investigation — such as field, laboratory, interview, survey — and of different theoretical positions" (pp. 3-4).
        This is a heavy book and will require and increased shipping charge.

Paperback; lightly age-toned and scuffed in small areas. Very good. This is a heavy book and will require and increased shipping charge.  (39270)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Vennard, Edwin.  The electric power business. New York: McGraw-Hill Co., 1970. 8vo (20.8 cm, 8.25"). v, [1], 314 pp.

"This book describes and discusses the electric utility business as a whole. It does not go into exhaustive detail in explaining any particular phase of the business; other valuable books are available for that purpose. It is the aim of this book to present the basic facts about the power business and the economic principles that govern it. The material is presented in a simple, interesting, and understandable manner. Detail may in some cases be sacrificed for simplicity and understandability. The general principles will be laid down as accurately as limitations will permit" (p. iv).
        This is the second edition.
        Provenance: On the front free endpaper, the very neat signature of Juan P. Chong.

Publisher's green cloth with red lettering to spine. In original pictorial dust jacket; small tear to front panel. Provenance marks as above; interior is bright.  (39271)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Cochran, Thomas B.  The liquid metal fast breeder reactor: An environmental and economic critique. Baltimore: Resources for the Future, 1974. 8vo (22.8 cm, 9"). xiv, [2], 271, [1] pp.

"In this monograph Thomas Cochran takes a critical look at the economic and environmental arguments which have been made in favor of an early introduction of the liquid metal fast breeder reactor (LMFBR) as a central component of the United States electrical energy system. In general he finds that the economic arguments put forth are open to many serious questions. Furthermore, on balance, the LMFBR appears to have no environmental advantage over the presently operating light water reactors and especially not over the high temperature gas reactor, which is another developed nuclear technology" (p. v).

In wrappers; lightly age-toned and dirtied, minor creasing to corners, spine darkened. Interior appears unmarked.  (39272)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Schmidt, Ernst.  Thermodynamics: Principles and applications to engineering. New York: Dover Pub., 1966. 8vo (21.5 cm, 8.5"). xx, 532, [20 (adv.)] pp.; 1 fold. chart.

"This book is designed to meet the needs of engineering student and engineers wishing to study in their spare time . . . The composition of the book is adapted to the requirements of engineers, who are primarily interested in the applications of the subject. For this reason the theory is not developed separately as a whole, but individual theorems are followed by their applications. Problems are provided as an incentive to practise calculations" (p. ix).
        Provenance: On the top edge and the front free endpaper, the ownership stamp of Juan P. Chong.

Paperback; edgeworn, lamination peeling slightly. Provenance marks as above; very infrequent (neat) ink underlining. This is a very good copy.  (39273)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

 Saline water conversion — II. Washington D.C.: American Chemical Society, 1963. 8vo (23.5 cm, 9.25"). ix, [1], 199, [1] pp.

"Based on symposia sponsored by the Division of Water and Waste Chemistry at the 139th and 141st Meetings of the American Chemical Society, March 27, 1961 and March 27–8, 1962."
        This is number 38 in the Advances in Chemistry series.

Paperback; slightly edgeworn, wrappers lightly dirtied. Interior appears unmarked.  (39261)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

United States Tennessee Valley Authority.  The Watts Bar Steam Plant. A comprehensive report on the planning, design, construction, and initial operation of the Watts Bar Steam Plant. Technical report no. 8. Washington: United States Government Printing Office, 1949. 8vo (23.5 cm, 9.25"). ix, [1], 325, [1] pp.; illus., 56 fold. plts.

"The Watts Bar Steam Plant is the first fuel-burning electric power plant constructed by the TVA. The first two of its four 60,000-kilowatt generating units were placed in commercial operation in February and March 1942 at a time when the products of industry and agriculture in the valley region were critical items in the war effort. These units increased the continuous energy capacity of the TVA system to approximately 830,000 kilowatts and the system peak to about 1,100,000 kilowatts. The further addition of Cherokee, Chatuge, and Nottely Dams and down-river units raised the continuous energy of the system to 960,000 kilowatts and the peak capability to about 1,300,000 kilowatts by the fall of 1942. The third Watts Bar Steam Plant unit began operation in February 1943 and the fourth in April 1945 — important factors in keeping ahead of system demands" (p. 1).

In publisher's brown cloth with gilt lettering to spine and front board; corners bumped. Interior faintly age-toned, otherwise clean.  (39265)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Gill, Tom; Gonzalo Blanco, trans.  La crisis de la tierra en Mexico. Washington, D.C.: The Charles Lathrop Pack Forestry Foundation, 1951. 8vo (23 cm, 9"). Frontis., [x], 79, [1] pp.; illus.

"Este es un estudio del impacto producido por una población esencialmente agrícola sobre sus recursos naturales básicos. Se le ha situado en México, pero el problema en sí — el problema de la interrelación entre el hombre y sus recursos — está omnipresente en la mayor parte del mundo en la actualidad, y constituye la raíz de muchos de los más amenazadores problemas sociales y económicos que confronta el mundo" (p. iii).

In publisher's off-white cloth with black lettering to spine and front board; corners bumped, boards lightly dirtied. Interior is unmarked.  (39268)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Pederson, Knud B., et al.  Applied nuclear power engineering for practicing engineers. Boston, MA: Cahners Books, 1972. 8vo (21.6 cm, 8.5"). xii, 259, [1] pp.

"This book is intended primarily for the engineers working in the power industry who is not a nuclear engineer by profession. For this purpose, the book may be used as a quick reference to a particular problem, or it may be used as a whole to give the reader what the authors believe is a well-rounded introduction" (p. v).
        From the Barnes & Noble Professional Engineering Career Development series.
        Provenance: On the front wrapper, the very neat signature of Juan P. Chong.

Paperback; wrappers rubbed, tiny closed tear to front wrapper. Provenance marks as above; occasional underlining in ink to interior. This is a very good copy.  (39269)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Kenniston, Levi, Laban Kenniston, defendants.  Report of the evidence at the trial of Levi & Laban Kenniston, before Hon. Samuel Putnam, on an indictment for the robbery of Major Elijah P. Goodridge, December 19, 1816. Salem, [MA]: Printed by T.C. Cushing, 1817. 8vo (23.5 cm, 9.25"). 32 pp.

Daniel Webster was one of the defense attorneys in this bizarre case: He had only shortly earlier resumed private practice following service in the U.S. Congress. The case involved the "respected" and definitely "plugged in" Goodridge who accused the mentally challenged Kenniston brothers of robbery. The cards seemed stacked against the two until Webster rose and began his defense, and stitch by stitch caused Goodridge's story to come apart and succeeded in obtaining the acquittal of the Kennistons.

Cohen, Bibliography of early American Law, 14018; Shaw & Shoemaker 40939, 41955. Stitched, lacking the wrappers. Age-toned, occasional stain. Overall very good.  (39256)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Webb, H.A., & D.G. Ashwell.  A mathematical tool-kit for engineers. London: Longmans, 1959. 8vo (21.5 cm, 8.5"). vii, [1], 116 pp.

"We hope that this book will be useful to engineering students, to practising engineers and to others who may sometimes need to apply mathematics to physical problems. We assume the reader to be familiar with the mathematics normally given at the beginning of a degree course in engineering, and we present him with information on a number of useful methods and techniques. These have been chosen, either because they are widely and frequently used, or because the man at work may need a concise account of them when larger and more detailed books are not at hand, or demand more thoughtful reading than time allows."
        This is the second edition.
        Provenance: On the top edge, the ownership stamp of Juan P. Chong.

Paperback: In blue wrappers with gilt and black lettering; spine faded. Provenance marks as above; interior otherwise unmarked.  (39255)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Schaeffer, N.M.  Reactor shielding for nuclear engineers. Springfield, VA: U.S. Atomic Energy Commission , 1973. Small 4to (25.4 cm, 10"). xii, 788 pp.

"As the number of nuclear power plants on order continues to grow . . . the demand for nuclear engineers should also increase, and a new text on reactor shielding is overdue. Shielding technology has matured considerably in the last decade, and shield physics must routinely be translated into shield design . . . New generations of computers have become available to exploit techniques heretofore considered too costly, and new distributions of neutrons and gamma rays can be followed, both in theory and in practice, throughout their transport histories. Such powerful tools have brought correspondingly large dividends to the shielding community. These advances and their underlying fundamentals are recorded in this volume. . . ."
        Provenance: On the title-page, the very neat signature of Juan P. Chong.
        This is a heavy book and will require an increased shipping charge.

Paperback: In black wrappers; edgeworn and rubbed, corner of rear wrapper creased. Provenance marks as above; interior otherwise appears unmarked. This is a heavy book and will require an increased shipping charge.  (39257)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Symposium on Saline Water Conversion (1960, Cleveland).  Saline water conversion. Washington D.C.: American Chemical Society, 1960. 8vo (22.8 cm, 9"). vi, 246 pp.

"A collection of papers comprising the Symposium on Saline Water Conversion, presented before the Division of Water and Waste Chemistry at the 137th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Cleveland, Ohio, April 1960."
        This is number 27 in the Advances in Chemistry series.

Paperback, original wrappers; minor edgewear, spine faded, wrappers lightly dirtied. Interior appears unmarked.  (39259)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Halliday, Daivd, & Robert Resnick.  Fundamentals of physics. New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1970. Small 4to (26 cm, 10.25"). xvii, [3], 837, [1] pp.

"During the past few years, we have observed gradual but steady changes in the character of the calculus-based introductory physics course. In a large number of schools, less time is available than was previously the case. In others, it appears that not so much attention may be given to a careful and detailed explanation of the subject matter. Also, changes in course requirements at the upper levels of science and engineering curricula have indicated the need for a shorter book than Physics . . . Fundamentals of Physics emerges then as both a shorter and an easier alternative to Physics. This book consequently will be relevant to those courses in which time and prior preparation of the student do not permit the use of the more thorough treatment and somewhat more rigorous pace set by Physics."
        This is a very heavy book and will require an increased shipping charge.

In publisher's orange cloth with blue lettering; boards dirtied. Interior is clean. This is a very heavy book and will require an increased shipping charge.  (39253)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Cox, H.L.  The buckling of plates and shells. New York: Macmillan Co., 1963. 8vo (23.5 cm, 9.5"). ix, [1], 128 pp.

"The literature concerning the buckling of plates and shells is now very extensive, but fortunately a comprehensive bibliography is available. Moreover in this reference and elsewhere most of the chief conclusions of both theoretical and experimental investigations have been epitomized in forms suitable for use in practical design. There remains however a need for a complete review of the subject particularly in its theoretical aspects. In the present survey an attempt is made to present the elements of the theory and to demonstrate the relationship between the several methods of analysis; but the exposition is restricted to fairly simple applications, in which the mathematical analysis can be followed in detail. This manner of approach is adopted in order that the whole may be more easily readable. . . ."
        In series: International series of monographs in aeronautics and astronautics.
        Provenance: On the top edge and front free endpaper, the ownership stamp of Juan P. Chong.

In publisher's navy cloth, gilt lettering to front board and spine; extremities rubbed, a "Pergamon Press Book" sticker to spine. Provenance as above; interior is otherwise unmarked.  (39245)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Mullen, Paul W.  Modern gas analysis. New York: Interscience Pub., 1955. 12mo (18.4 cm, 7.25"). ix, [1], 354 pp.; illus.

"This manual is devoted to a discussion of the theory upon which the general methods of both absorptiometric and instrumental gas analysis are based and contains a description of some commercially available analytical equipment, an account of the general type of analysis possible by each method, and a brief survey of the advantages and disadvantages of each method."

In publisher's gray cloth stamped with red and black; extremities lightly rubbed, spine slightly cocked. Interior is clean.  (39250)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Potter, Philip J.  Steam power plants. New York: The Ronald Press Co., (1949). 8vo (23.5 cm, 9.25"). [2], xi, [1], 503, [1] pp.; illus. (1 fold. diagram).

"Industrial concerns employing young engineering graduates, want these men to have a thorough training in the fundamentals of engineering. The practical training will be given after graduation by the companies. It is the aim of this textbook to present those fundamentals, as applied to the design of steam power plants, that the author has learned from experience are essential."
        Provenance: On the half-title, the very neat signature of Juan P. Chong dated 1952. His ownership stamp appears on the top edge.
        This is a heavy book and will require an increased shipping charge.

In publisher's navy cloth with silver lettering to front board and spine; overall light rubbing, corners bumped, minor stain to fore-edge. Provenance marks as above, occasional (very neat) pencil or ink notes and underlining. A sturdy textbook. This is a heavy book and will require an increased shipping charge.  (24716)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Thomson, William Tyrrell.  Mechanical vibrations. New York: Prentice-Hall, 1953. 8vo (21.9 cm, 8.625"). ix, [3], 252 pp.

"The purpose of this book is to present the fundamentals of vibration theory and provide a general background for advanced study in the field. Rational analysis developed from basic fundamentals is emphasized. The reader is assumed to have an elementary knowledge of calculus, dynamics, and strength of materials. No familiarity with differential equations is presupposed."
        This is the second edition.
        Provenance: On the front free endpaper, the very neat signature of Juan P. Chong dated 1954. His ownership stamp appears on the top edge.

In publisher's green cloth, stamped in navy and gilt; extremities rubbed, boards lightly dirtied. Provenance marks as above, occasional pencil notes, spotting along very fore-edge of several leaves. A good copy.  (24707)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Harden, Jacob S., defendant.  Life, confession, and letters of courtship of Rev. Jacob S. Harden of the M.E. Church, Mount Lebanon, Hunterdon Co., N.J. Eexecuted for the murder of his wife on the 6th of July 1860, at Belvidere, Warren Co., N.J. Hackettstown, NJ: E. Winton, printer, 1860. 8vo (24 cm, 9.5"). 48 pp., frontis. port.

Harden (1837-60) "poisoned his wife with arsenic after a fortuneteller had told him that she would not live long. His mother-in-law was the real cause of the crime for she hounded until he reluctantly married the girl, although there does not seem to have been any necessity that he do so" (MaDade).
        Felcone adds that soon after he met Miss Louisa Dorland, "Louisa's mother was determined that her daughter would marry Harden, and, after encouraging them to spend nights together, she force the marriage. After several months of unhappiness, Harden poisoned his wife. He fled, was captured, tried, and hanged . . . before an immense crowd."

McDade, Annals of Murder, 438; Felcone, New Jersey Books 1698-1800. 838. Stitched, lacks the wrappers, the frontispiece portrait of Harden detached but present. Short tears in margins, dog-earring, tattering, waterstain, etc. Only good+ copy. This was a very cheaply printed production, hence the condition problems.  (39252)   Add to My BOOK-STACK


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