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Incunable Petrarch — Decorated Initials

Petrarca, Francesco [i.e., Petrarch].  "Bucolicum Carmen," from Librorum Francisci Petrarchae Basileae impressorum annotatio.... [Impressis Basileae: Per Magistrum Ioannem de Amerbach, 1496]. Folio (28.3 cm, 11"). [22] ff. (only, of [389]).

Clearly this fragment, containing all of Petrarch's "Bucolicum Carmen," was salvaged from a water-damaged copy of the 1496 Amerbach printing of Latin selections of the great Humanist poet's works. The entire volume was probably edited by => Sebastian Brant, as may be deduced from the ten Latin distichs entitled "De Commendation impressionis Francisci Petrarchae elogiu[m] Sebastiani Brant."
        The "Bucolicum Carmen" is a poem composed of 12 eclogues, each dealing with a different topic. Complete in itself here, and beginning with a "title-page," its text is printed in roman type. A scribe has supplied an elaborate 5-line blue initial "M" with elaborate red in-fill and tracery in the margin of the first text page. He supplied all other (typically 3-line) initials in red or blue, and he has accented the first letter of every line with red, supplying red and blue paragraph symbols.

Hain, Repertorium, 12749; Proctor 7608; British Museum, III, 757 (IB. 37387); Goff P-365. Recent limp vellum, housed in a linen-covered clamshell case with a paper spine label; undeciphered ownership inscription dated 1618 on first leaf. Some old damp damage to all margins (including the gutter) on all leaves, repaired but with variable light brown waterstaining visible in those areas "framing" the pages. A few small pin-type wormholes, occasionally in text but not costing letters. => An attractive fragment that is, at the same time, a thing complete.  (37457)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Teaching Rhetoric by the Book

Negri, Stefano.  Stephani Nigri chri[a]e quinq[ue]. Milan: Io. de Castelliono, 1521 (August). 4to (20.5 cm; 8.125"). xciii (i.e., 29), [1] ff. (final blank).

The final chapter conveniently extracted from Stephani Nigri Elegantissime è Graeco authorum subditorum translationes, Negri's didactic Latin translations of works by famous Greek authors. Negri (Stephanus Niger, d. ca. 1540) was a professor of Greek in that city. The selected text is composed of five chriae, or themes for rhetorical exercises, followed by three introductory lectures on Homer, Pindar, and Livy that Negri delivered at Milan "In publico Gymnasio," at school.
        Printed in Latin and Greek, in roman and italic, this has a (sectional) title-page with its text framed in a wide ornamental border of acanthus leaves and flowers. In text are a number of ornate woodcut initials in white against a white-floriated background.
        Evidence of readership: Early ink annotations in a few margins (partially cut off at the time of rebinding).

EDIT16 CNCE 47085; Sander, II, 4984. Modern vellum over flexible boards, author/contents/date inked on spine, binding gently cocked; marginalia trimmed as above. Very lightly age-toned; clean and crisp.  (37311)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Early Follower of Luther, Sole Edition of These Sermons

Güttell, Casper (a.k.a., Guthel, Caspar; Guttel, Kaspar; and other variants).  Jhesus Quadragesimal oder etliche Faste[nzeit] Predig auss den Episteln un[d] Euangelien nach goetlichem Erkentniss. [colophon: Zwickaw: Joerg Gastel dess Hans Schoenspergers Diener von Augspurg], 1523. Small 4to (19.5; 7.75"). [191] ff. Lacks blank leaf.

A collection of Guttell's German-language Lenten sermons, printed in gothic type (of course), with main and sectional title-pages bearing woodcut borders — some composite, some single units, each different, all interesting, and all well executed. Guttell started his religious life as an Augustinian preacher but soon followed Luther away from the Pope's church. During the Reformation he was charged with drawing up the ecclesiastical regulations for the county of Mansfeld in Saxony; Luther helped with their final revision.
        Guttell was a much published sermonizer and preacher during his lifetime. This, however, is the => sole edition of these sermons, with this copy lacking a blank leaf (only).
        Provenance: From the collection of 19th-century scholar Dr. Johann August Neander (1789–1850), a convert from Judaism who became a leading scholar of Christian church history; later in the Rochester Theological Seminary (properly released); yet later in the library of American collector Albert A. Howard (sans indicia).
        Uncommon: Searches of OCLC & COPAC combine to locate only two copies in the U.S., this deaccessioned copy being one of them.

VD16 G3986. 19th-century German black mottled paper over pasteboards, abraded, especially along the joints (outside); lacking blank leaf and ex-library as above, having institutional bookplate but no stamps and pencilled call number on title-leaf verso. Light to moderate age-toning with faded inkstains along top margin of several leaves. => A substantial, interesting compendium with considerable printerly charm.  (37310)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Boies, Artemas.  An Address delivered in the Chapel of Amherst College, August 24, 1834. Before the Society of Inquiry. Amherst: J. S. and C. Adams, 1834. 8vo. 14 pp.

Boies was pastor of the First Church in South Hadley.

American Imprints, 23458. Removed from a nonce volume.  (37444)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Everett, Alexander.  A Discourse on the Progress and Limits of Social Improvement; including a General Survey of the History of Civilization. Addressed to the Literary Societies of Amherst College, at their Public Anniversary Meeting, August 27, 1833. Boston: Charles Bowen, 1834. 8vo. 44 pp.

American Imprints, 24347. Removed from a nonce volume.  (37440)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Kent, James.  An Address delivered at New Haven, before the Phi Beta Kappa Society, September 13, 1831. New Haven: Hezekiah Howe, 1831. 8vo. 48 pp.

American Imprints, 7828. Removed from a nonce volume. Light foxing.  (37442)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Hitchcock, Edward.  The Coronation of Winter: A Discourse delivered at Amherst College and Mount Holyoke Seminary, soon after a Remarkable Glacial Phenomenon, in the Winter of 1845. Amherst: J. S. & C. Adams, 1845. 8vo. 24 pp.

Four-plus pages here offer the writer's => very detailed account of his own, personal observations of the "phenomenon," which had nothing to do with glaciers but rather represented a period of extraordinary cold that produced => ice formations of unusual (and beautiful) sorts.

American Imprints, 45-3196. Removed from a nonce volume. Very light foxing to last 5 pages.  (37449)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Kirk, Edward.  The Unrivalled Glory of the Cross. A Sermon, delivered at the Dedication of the Church belonging to the Mount Vernon Congregational Society. Boston: Tappan & Dennet, 1844. 8vo. 34 pp.

American Imprints, 44-3602. Removed from a nonce volume. Scattered brown spots.  (37451)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Kitchell, H. D.  Who Gave Thee This Authority? The Nature and Source of Ministerial Authority: A Scriptural and Congregational View of the Christian Ministry. A Sermon Preached at the Ordination of Rev. Joel L. Dickinson, Northfield, Conn., February 28, 1844. Hartford: John Paine, 1844. 8vo. 16 pp.

Kitchell was the pastor of a church in Plymouth, CT.

American Imprints 44-3612. Removed from a nonce volume.  (37450)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Barnes, Albert.  The Missionary Enterprise dependent on the Religion of Principle for Success. A Sermon Preached in Worcester, Mass., Sept., 1844, before the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, at their Thirty-Fifth Annual Meeting. Boston: Crocker & Brewster, 1844. 8vo. 53 pp.

Barnes was the pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia.

American Imprints, 44-530. Removed from a nonce volume.  (37438)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Kirk, Edward.  The Greatness of the Human Soul. An Address delivered at the Seventh Anniversary of the Mount Holyoke Female Seminary, South Hadley, Mass., August 1, 1844. Boston: T. R. Marvin, 1844. 8vo. 27 pp.

Kirk was the pastor of the Mount Vernon Church, Boston.

American Imprints, 44-3601. Removed from a nonce volume.  (37417)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Channing, William.  An Address delivered at Lenox, on the First of August, 1842, the Anniversary of Emancipation in the British West Indies. Lenox, MA: J. G. Stanly, 1842. 8vo. 38 pp.

American Imprints, 42-994. Removed from a nonce volume.  (37426)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Kirk, Edward.  An Oration on the Occasion of the National Fast; delivered before the Academy of Sacred Music, in the Broadway Tabernacle, New York, on Friday Evening, May 14, 1841. New York: Office of the Iris / John S. Taylor & Co., 1841. 8vo. iv, 27 pp.

American Imprints, 41-2927. Removed from a nonce volume.  (37425)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Hague, William.  Public Worship. A Discourse delivered at the Dedication of the Baptist Church in Bowdoin Square, Boston, November 5, 1840. Boston: Gould, Kendall & Lincoln, 1840. 8vo. 38 pp.

Hague was a pastor at the "Church in Federal Street, Boston."

American Imprints, 40-2863. Removed from a nonce volume. Faint foxing.  (37448)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Smith, Eli.  The Missionary Character. An Address delivered before the Society of Inquiry in the Theological Seminary in New Haven, April 1, 1840. New Haven: B. L. Hamlen, 1840. 8vo. 38 pp.

Smith was a missionary of the A. B. C. F. M. to Syria.

American Imprints, 40-6163. Removed from a nonce volume. Light foxing.  (37441)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

[Snodgrass, William Davis].  Perfect Sanctification: An Article from the Princeton Review for July, 1842. Princeton: John T. Robinson, 1842. 8vo. 49 pp.

American Imprints 42-4591. Removed from a nonce volume. Foxing throughout.  (37413)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

[Atwater, Lyman Hotchkiss].  The Power of Contrary Choice. An Article from the October Number of the Princeton Review for 1840. Princeton: John Bogart, 1840. 8vo. 20 pp.

Printing in Princeton, 1786-1876: 238. Removed from a nonce volume. Foxing throughout. Contemporary identification of author in ink on title-page.  (37414)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Channing, William Ellery.  Lecture on War. Boston: Dutton & Wentworth, 1839. 8vo. 50 pp.

American Imprints, 54878. Removed from a nonce volume. Foxing. Library blind-pressure stamps.  (37446)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Storrs, Richard.  A Sermon delivered before His Excellency Edward Everett, Governor, His Honor George Hull, Lieutenant Governor, the Honorable Council, and the Legislature of Massachusetts, on the Anniversary Election, January 3, 1838. Boston: Dutton & Wentworth, 1838. 8vo. 46 pp.

Storrs was was at various times pastor if tge Furst Cgyrcg ub Braubtree, of the Harvard Congregational church in Brookline, Massachusetts, and the Church of Pilgrims in Brooklyn, New York.

American Imprints, 53132. Removed from a nonce volume.  (37445)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Tyler, Bennet.  A Review of President Day's Treatise on the Will. Hartford: Elihu Geer, 1838. 8vo. 30 pp.

Tyler was a Congregational clergyman and served as president of Dartmouth College from 1822 to 1828.

American Imprints, 53401. Removed from a nonce volume. Light staining on title-page.   (37427)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Adams, John Quincy.  Oration on the Life and Character of Gilbert Motier de Lafayette. Delivered at the Request of Both Houses of the Congress of the United States, before them, in the House of Representatives at Washington, on the 31st December, 1834. Washington: Gales & Seaton, 1835. 8vo. 94 pp.

American Imprints, 29941. Removed from a nonce volume. Some foxing.  (37419)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Hawes, Joel.  A Sermon, occasioned by the Death of Mrs. Faith Wadsworth, Wife of Daniel Wadsworth, Esq.; Delivered on the 25th of October, 1846, being the Sabbath after her Interment. Hartford: D. B. Moseley, 1846. 8vo. 20 pp.

Removed from a nonce volume. Faint foxing.  (37433)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Smyth, Egbert.  A Sermon Preached at the Dedication of the New Chapel in Andover Theological Seminary, October 2, 1876. Andover: Warren F. Draper, 1876. 8vo. 30 pp.

Sole edition. The last page lists all of the firms who designed, built, and funished the chapel.

Removed from a nonce volume.  (37430)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions.  Manual for Missionary Candidates; and for Missionaries before entering their Fields. Boston: American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, 1853. Small 8vo. 43 pp.

"Revised edition."

Removed from a nonce volume.  (37415)   Add to My BOOK-STACK

Judd, Gideon.  The Character and Death of the Patriach David. A Sermon, delivered in Catskill, Jan. 10, 1851, at the interment of the Rev. David Porter, the first pastor of the Presbyterian Church in that place. New York: Edward O. Jenkins, 1851. 8vo. 16 pp.

Jidd was the pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Montgomery, NY.

Removed from a nonce volume.  (37420)   Add to My BOOK-STACK


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