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Kaufman, Margaret.  Aunt Sallie's lament (altered). Newark, VT: Janus Press, 2004. Folio (28.6 cm; 11.25" book. 30.6 cm; 12.125" case). [13] ff.

Dazzingly revamped: The first Janus Press quilt book. This visually engaging (and textually heartbreaking) five-sided, multicolored book in a patterned mauve clamshell was designed to look like a series of quilting squares, with each page cut into a different shape, in a concertina binding structure. As the pages are turned, select words and phrases from Kaufman's poem conjuring a lonely older woman remembering a brief love affair emerge and remain visible, giving a glimpse into the narrator's regrets.
        The original 1988 Janus Press printing was designed by Claire Van Vliet and Hedi Kyle; this revisited version cleverly recycles portions of the Permalin text block from the 1993 edition by Chronicle Books — "maintaining the shapes of some Chronicle pages but changing others, [Van Vliet] also cut shapes out of the interior structures enabling pages below to show through," folding some of the cut portions and adding patterned papers "to create a colorful and complicated format" (Fine). Additional papers used are reported as Barcham Green DeWint, Sage Badger, Chiyogami, Fabriano, Janus, Langdell, Katie MacGregor, and Marblesmith.
        => A limitation statement, in letter-press and signed by Van Vliet, announces that this unnumbered and unlettered copy is specifically for press patron Andrew Hedden. The statement is additionally signed by Mary Richardson, Audrey Holden, and Ellen Dorn Levitt, who designed and made the boxes.

Fine, Janus Press — Fifty Years, p. 33. Bound and housed as above; crisp and clean. => A complex, interesting work of book art. and a special copy.  (41261)   Please RESHELVE This.

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