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Rawlinson, Mary Ann.  Manuscript on paper, in English. [Cookery]. Burnley, Lancashire: , [ca. 1884]. 2 vols (16.1 cm, 6.34"; 15.7 cm, 6.18"). I: [32] ff. II: [24] ff.

Two notebooks of recipes compiled by Mary Ann Rawlinson of Burnley, Lancashire. Rawlinson (1841–1912) was the wife of Joshua Rawlinson (1841–1896), a prominent figure in the Burnley community — having trained at his father's cotton mill, he went on to become an accountant and successfully directed or managed a jaw-dropping number of businesses and business concerns in the area, including the Burnley Paper Works, the Burnley Carriage Company, the Burnley Ironworks, the Nelson Room and Power Company, etc. He also became a well-known authority on the cotton trade, founding or serving in various positions in the Burnley Cotton Spinners' and Manufacturers' Association, the Todmorden Cotton Spinners' and Manufacturers' Association, the Padiham Masters' Association, the Colne and District Coloured Goods Manufacturers' Association, and many other organizations; his obituary in The Accountant periodical noted his widespread influence in trade matters, and his position as "one of the best-known men on the Manchester Exchange . . . well known and respected throughout commercial circles in Lancashire." In addition, he was one of the founding members of the Victoria Hospital, assisted in that capacity by Mary Ann.
        Mrs. Rawlinson recorded these recipes in standard format with ingredients listed first, and although her page-filling, uninterrupted, and only lightly punctuated paragraphs sometimes obscure that convention, her strong, slanting handwriting is very decipherable. The dishes she chose to preserve here (unseparated by any categorization) include British classics as well as dishes showing overseas influences; among them are Genoise pudding, maccaroni cheese [sic], curry, baked haddock, marmalade pudding, ragout of rabbit, milk rolls, lobster cutlets, beef olives, amber pudding (using apples, dried cherries, and lemon rind), Charlotte Russe, stewed steak, potato croquettes, Mulligatawny soup, lentil purée, beef hash pie, orange fritters, stewed kidney, kedgeree, German pudding, oyster patties, and many others. In the middle of one volume are a few pages bearing dessert recipes given in several different hands, one recipe being attributed to Mrs. Carr and one dated 1884.
        This gathering of recipes provides => a great deal of information regarding the dietary habits and preferences of the prosperous couple, as well as the culinary techniques available to Mrs. Rawlinson — everything here was prepared "on the fire," as Burnley did not have electricity until 1893.

Contemporary oilcloth limp wrappers, now housed in a plain box with printed paper label on lid; box extremities lightly rubbed, wrappers rubbed and worn, text block all but detached from spine in smaller volume; Mrs. Rawlinson's name inscribed in each volume. Larger volume with offsetting to first and last pages; a very few instances of spotting, pages overall very clean. => Interesting provenance/context, and interesting content.  (41147)   Please RESHELVE This.

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