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Mexican notarial form.  Carta de poder. [Mexico: Pedro Ocharte, before 9 October 1565]. Folio (31.5 cm, 12.5"). [1] f.

This leaf contains one notarial form, extending from the recto onto the verso. The characteristics of the recto are: Type face: gothic. Imprint area: 220 x 153 mm. Number of lines of text: 35. First line: Sepan quantos esta carta vieren como yo First line of main text: paraque por mi y en mi nombre podays pedir y demandar auer recebir y cobrar Last line: quieran mi presencia o mas especial poder Otrosi vos doy este dicho poder para Blanks: at end of line 1. Blank space between lines 1 & 2: 49 mm.
        The specifications of the verso are: Imprint area: 42 x 153 mm. Number of lines of text: 9. First line: que vuestro lugar y minombre podays hazer et sostituyr este poder en vna per Last line: la clausula judicium sisti iudicatum con sus clausulas acostumbradas Blanks: at the end of lines 4 & 9 and the beginning of 5.
        The document was sworn in Puebla on 11 December 1565, before the notary Juan de Bedoya, and in it Francisco Guilen, a citizen of Puebla, gives his power of attorney to Hernando de RIbas, a resident in Veracruz.
        Valton (see below) attributed this formulary to Juan Pablos. It bears no relation to the examples of his job printing that we have seen; it does, however, bear => the hallmarks of Ocharte's craftsmanship. The date of this form's printing is based on the exemplar in the Beinecke Library at Yale, where the earliest manuscript date on the carta is 9 October 1565. Assignment of printer is based on types and ornaments.
        => An excellent, early example of Mexican job printing, with the earliest known example of such job printing having been dated in manuscript in 1562.

Szewczyk & Buffington, 39 Books and Broadsides Printed in America before the Bay Psalm Book, 6 (for the exemplar now at Yale), fully illustrated. Appears to be Carpenter's type 4, attributed by Valton to Juan Pablos. See: Carpenter, A Sixteenth Century Broadside from the Collection of Emilio Valton, and also see, Juan Pascoe, Tratado breve sobre un formulario notarial, which is a study of a different copy of this precise notarial form (which, unfortunately, had its manuscript completion misdated as being 1562 when it is in fact 1566). Removed from a bound volume and slightly tattered in inner margin. One worm hole (pinhole type) in lower blank margin. => A very good example of Ocharte's job printing and an attractive one, with its manuscript completions both bold and legible.  (41005)   Please RESHELVE This.

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