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San Sebastián Martir [Atzacoalco]. Parish. Mexico.  [drop-title] Patente de la congregación fundada en la parrochia del inclyto Martyr S. Sebastian de Mexico ... Mexico: No publisher/printer, ca. 1760]. Folio (31 cm, 12.5"). [2] ff.

On 4 April 1761 Juana Maria Francisca Altamira joined this sodality founded in the parish of San Sebastian Martir in Mexico City. She paid her 25 pesos and was given this very handsome 3-page certificate of membership.
        On its first page is the Patent establishing the organization's "contract," which is the usual one in such cases: Members contribute money and, upon their deaths, the congregación will take care of their funeral expenses and the corresponding masses. Much less "as usual," => this sodality accepts women, while also noting that it doesn't admit elderly people, pregnant women, or sick people.
        The second and third pages establish the indulgences that are to be given to the members of the sodality. On the blank back of the third page, a manuscript note records it that the owner of this patent has died and that a payment of 25 pesos was made to her family.
        The elegant and elaborate first, "Patente" page is bordered on three sides by printer's ornaments and above the main text, within these, is => an exquisite large engraving by Jose Morales of Mary flanked by two male saints, St. Sebastian with his arrows (on her left) and St. Joseph with his blooming staff (on her right). Above her in a cloud is Christ with a chalice and holding the Host.

Minor worm meander in all leaves in one small area affecting the engraving and a small portion of the interior text. => Very good condition, with all manuscript additions legible (including signatures) and with the paper seal intact.  (41002)   Please RESHELVE This.

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