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Posada, José Guadalupe.  A collection of his work and his era. Mexico: Various publishers, ca. 1880–1919. Various sizes and formats.

The oeuvre of Jose Guadalupe Posada Aguilar (1852–1913) is steeped in social engagement, satirical acuteness, and wry humor presented to the reader and observer in woodcut and lithographic illustrations for periodicals and chapbooks. During the late Porfiriate and early years of the Mexican Revolution, his art enticed the buyers of popular, very cheaply produced songsters; political broadsides; cookbooks; and single-sheet accounts of hangings, disasters, crimes, volcanic eruptions, and other sensational events.
        The present collection consists of 140 items: 10 chapbook songsters and playlets for children, 1 chapbook of medical recipes, 2 chapbooks of sample border designs for embroidering, 108 small folio single-sheet publications, and 18 large folio broadsides or portraits. => They are printed on a variety of colored papers: beige, rose, green, yellow, purple, and so on.
        The 108 small folio single-sheet publications contain accounts of executions; the removal of the old clock in the Mexico City cathedral; humorous verse, cancioneros and corridos; an account of the death and burial of Emiliano Zapata (llustration NOT by Posada but in his style); devotions to the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Virgen de la Soledad, and Nuestra Señora de San Juan de los Lagos; an account of the 26 March 1908 earthquake; accounts of other disasters, and much more. Also present in these broadsides are examples of => two single-sheet stories printed on a folio sheet and not separated for individual sale.
        Among the 18 large folio items are three board games (“Los Charros Contrabandistas,” “Juego de Oca,” and "Juego de Lotería”); portraits of “San Judas Tadeo,” “El Sr. de las Tres Caidas,” “Nuestra Señora de San Juan de los Lagos,” “El Santo Niño Cautivo,” and “El Señor del Hospital”; and of course, various of Posada's famous calaveras.

All items are loose, unbound, as issued, with the expectable tattering of some edges. A few, very few items show worming or loss of paper in the margins. => Overall, very good.  (40984)   Please RESHELVE This.

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