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Gerson, Johannes.  Opusculum de cognitione peccatoru[m] venialium et mortalium. [Augustae {i.e., Augsburg}: per Johannem Froschauer, 1519]. 4to (20 cm, 7.875’’). [20] ff.

This successful devotional manual, first published in 1502 and here in its fourth edition, was the work of Jean Charlier de Gerson (1363–1429), one of the most influential French theologians, Chancellor at the University of Paris, and a keen supporter of the conciliary movement, which he defended at Constance. A short, popular handbook, Opusculum abandons Scholastic rationalism in favor of a plainer, clearer theological language explaining to the devout reader how to understand when a sin committed — e.g., vain glory, envy, wrath, avarice, lust, or false oath — should be considered venial or mortal. It also advises on when to get confession and concludes with practical considerations such as => the "special conditions" in which merchants find themselves, often led as they are by their work towards mendacity or ill faith.
        The title-page, printed in a compact Gothic typeface, is graced by one of Froschauer’s handsome woodcut borders, with leaves, flowers, tendrils, a butterfly and a superb finch; the text is likewise in black letter with spaces and indications supplied for initials left unaccomplished.
        Provenance: Stamp "Bibliotheca Regia Monacensis" (crossed out) on verso of title-page. Most recently in the library of American collector Albert A. Howard, small booklabel (“AHA”) at rear.
        WorldCat locates only one U.S. library (Folger) reporting ownership.

VD16 J566; Panzer, VI, 133. 20th-century light green boards with cream shelfback, author and date hand-lettered to spine. Title-page and last blank soiled and repaired at gutter, edges dusty, occasional slight marginal foxing. => A nice example of a popular Froschauer imprint.  (40847)   Please RESHELVE This.

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