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Decio, Filippo.  Sermo editus per excellentissimu[m] ... Philippu[m] Deciu[m] … pro justificatione co[n]cilii Pisani nunc Mediolani reside[n]tis ... [Lyon?: Jacques Sacon?, ca.1512?]. 8vo (13.8 cm, 5.5’). [8] ff.

Obscure edition — probably one of two recorded copies only — of this conciliarist speech given in defence of the notorious "Conciliabulum of Pisa" (Council of Pisa), indicted against Pope Julius II by Louis XII of France, with the assistance of four cardinals. The jurist and humanist Filippo Decio (1454–1535), siding with the King whilst upholding his own orthodoxy, was asked to produce this oration a few weeks after the beginning of the assembly, to defend the synod which was being transferred to Milan for safety reasons. Decio justified the Council as a "healthy remedy" for church reform, and argued, in the wake of the medieval conciliary tradition, for its legitimacy and authority over the Pope. Julius II excommunicated the presiding cardinals in January 1512, calling for the Fifth Lateran Council in April.
        A study of the type suggests that this edition was probably printed, covertly, by Jacques Sacon in Lyon. In 1512, the cardinals had moved from Milan to Lyon; Decio too arrived in Lyon in June 1512, and, a couple of months later, two of his juridical works were printed by Sacon. The => handsome woodcut on the title-page of this edition, which bears strong German influences, portrays cardinals, the Holy Roman Emperor, and the King of France, surmounted by the dove of the Holy Spirit . It was drawn after the woodcut on the first (probably Milanese) octavo edition of this pamphlet, ca.1511, another in quarto having been printed in Pavia.
        Provenance: Most recently in the library of American collector Albert A. Howard, small booklabel (“AHA”) at rear.

Unrecorded in Gültlingen and Baudrier. Baldacchini, "Un enigma bibliografico" discusses Decius’s other French false imprints. Index Aurel. 150.792, Perrins-Warner n.210 and Sander 2398 record only the Milan edition of ca.1511/12. 19th-century suede wrappers, a little rubbed. Title-page, verso of last leaf, and edges a trifle dusty, occasional very minor marginal foxing, text block partly loosening. => Very nice.  (40828)   Please RESHELVE This.

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