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John, of Damascus, Saint (Joannis Damasceni).  [five lines in Greek, romanized as] Ioannou tou Damaskenou Ekdosis tes orthodoxou pisteos. Tou autou peri ton en pistei kekoimemenon. [then in Latin] Ioannis Damasceni editio Orthodoxae fidei. Eiusdem de iis, qui in fide dormierunt. Veronae: [Apud Stephanum et fratres Sabios], 1531. 4to in 8s (21.5 cm, 8.375"). [8], 150, [4] ff.

John, of Damascus (ca. 675–749), is a Doctor of the Church and was a polymath. His contributions were in the fields of law, theology, philosophy, and music; and it is thought that he may well have served as a chief administrator to the Muslim caliph of Damascus before his ordination.
        His Exposition of the Orthodox Faith, present here in an edition in the original Greek edited by Bernardino Donato (1483–1543, a Humanist, philologist, Hellenist, and grammarian) is an 8th-century treatise that is=> the first work of systematic theology in Eastern Christianity and an important influence on later Scholastic works. Among the numerous topics and concerns it treats are things utterable and things unutterable, things knowable and things unknowable, prescience and predestination. the reason God with foreknowledge created persons who would sin and not repent, natural and innocent passions, and the honor due to the saints and their remains.
        The text is in Greek, preface in Latin. The title-page gives the place and date of printing but the other imprint data is from the colophon. The headpiece, caption title, and initial on folio 1 are => printed in red; the initial and headpiece are the only woodcuts in the volume.
        Provenance: From the library of American collector Albert A. Howard, small booklabel ("AHA") at rear.

Adams J274; EDIT16 CNCE 32951. 18th-century vellum over pasteboards, slightly yapp edges; lower 1.5" of title-leaf excised removing "Veronae" and "MCXXXI" and missing paper very neatly replaced long ago. All edges blue. A little dust-soiling, notably to title-page, some leaves browned, occasionally a trivial stain, a marginal note or two in Greek. => In fact, a nice, clean copy.  (40719)   Please RESHELVE This.

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