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Booth, William.  In darkest England and the way out. London, New York, Melbourne, Toronto: International Headquarters of the Salvation Army, [1890]. 8vo (22.5 cm, 8.875"). [4] ff., 296, xxxi, [1] pp., 1 folded chormo. plate.

The first edition, later issue, of General Booth's proposal to elevate the urban poor. "[Booth's] preoccupation with the submerged tenth was not confined to their spiritual welfare; he was determined to relieve their physical misery as well. In 1890, the same year that Stanley published In Darkest Africa, Booth published In Darkest England. In this book he analysed the causes of pauperism and vice of the period, and proposed a remedy by ten expedients. These included land settlement, emigration, rescue work among prostitutes and at the prison-gate, the poor man's bank, and the poor man's lawyer. Money was liberally subscribed and a large part of the scheme was carried through. The book was largely ‘ghosted' by W.T. Stead, who was associated with Booth's son in a sensational frontal attack on the recruitment of young children for brothels" (PMM).
        An interesting series of six appendices includes one on "Count Rumford's Bavarian Experience" and another on "The Co-operative Experiment at Ralahine," in County Clare.
        The work's marvelous, dramatic, fold-out chromolithograph, entitled "Salvation Army Social Campaign," emblematically depicts what Booth proposes in the text. It pictures "The City Colony," with little vignettes picturing all the different programs he recommends; a "Farm Colony"; and the poor, who are drowning in a sea of despair, being rescued by the outstretched hands of Salvation Army members on land.
        => With the often-missing "pledge form" laid in.

Printing and the Mind of Man 373. Original cloth, rebacked and original spine reapplied; pledge with lost margin on left side costing text on verso. Fold-out frontispiece in excellent shape and the volume's interior unmarked.  (40104)   Please RESHELVE This.

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