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Bacon, E[phraim], & J. B. Cates.  Abstract of a journal of E. Bacon, assistant agent of the United States, to Africa: With an appendix, containing extracts from proceedings of the Church Missionary Society in England, for the years 1819–20. To which is prefixed an abstract of the journal, of the Rev. J.B. Cates, one of the missionaries from Sierra Leone to Grand Bassa; in an overland journey, performed in company with several natives, in the months of February, March, and April, 1819. The whole showing the successful exertions of the British and American governments, in repressing the slave trade. Philadelphia: S. Potter (pr. by D. Dickinson), 1821. 8vo (21 cm, 8.25"). 96 pp.

First edition of this gathering of items related to efforts to end the slave trade, resettle freed slaves, and promote Christianity among the freedmen. Bacon was one of the earliest formally appointed Episcopal missionaries to Liberia; while in the country in 1821, he negotiated for the use of land for resettlement in the Bassa Colony. He was dispatched to Sierra Leone following the death of his brother, the Rev. Samuel Bacon, who had been trying to establish a colony that failed with many deaths on Sherbro Island, and the main account here describes his efforts to relocate the Sherbro survivors along with a new group of emigrants.
        Appended to Bacon's journal are "An Extract from the Royal Gazette, Published at Freetown, Sierra Leone, Saturday, April 21st, 1821" (an update on the state of American colonization on the coast of Africa), "An Abstract of Proceedings of the Church Missionary Society for West Africa, Published in London, 1819–20" (giving names, descriptions, and faculty of schools and churches), and the Cates excerpts mentioned in the title (the author being an English missionary to Sierra Leone), as well as additional items from the Royal Gazette, "Accounts from the English Colony in South Africa," details on laws enacted to suppress the slave trade, and => an account of the sinking of the slave ship Carlota. The collection went through a second edition in the year following this initial publication.

Library Company, Afro-Americana (rev. ed.), 753; Sabin 2641 (giving second ed. only); Shoemaker 4517. Marbled paper wrappers, lightly worn overall. Title-page with two small pencilled annotations, pages age-toned. => Frankly, riveting.  (40077)   Please RESHELVE This.

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