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Lizana y Beaumont, Francisco Javier.  [drop-title] Nos d. Francisco Xavier de Lizana y Beaumont, por la gracia de Dios y la Santa Sede apóstolica arzobispo de México, del Consejo de Su Mag. &c. A los curas, coadjutores, vicarios, y eclesiasticos de esta nuestra diocesi. Salud en el Señor. Bendito sea el Padre de las misericordias, y Dios de todo consuelo ... [México]: No publisher/printer, [in text at end] 1803. Folio (29.5 cm, 11.5"). 12 pp.

On 30 January 1803, Lizana y Beaumont took possession of the archbishopric of Mexico City. Slightly more than a month later he issued this wide-ranging pastoral letter to his clergy, addressing issues of marriage, sanctioned separations of husbands and wives, indulgences, blessing of religious statues, instruction of children in the catechism, the need for everyone to attend mass, and the requirement that priests visiting Mexico City present themselves in a timely way at the Cathedral for permission to be in the city. In other words, the new archbishop is making it clear to his clergy what his chief initial concerns are and doing so in black and white.
        This uncommon text is dated as having been issued 5 March 1803. Searches of NUC and WorldCat locate only three U.S. institutions reporting ownership: UTexas, DLC, UC-Berkeley.

Medina, Mexico, 9605. Sewn, in "wallpaper" polychromatic (orange, blue-green, yellow, white) wrappers. Creased at midpoint horizontally a long time ago; all corners dog-eared. Pencilled "dup" in upper margin of p. 1. => A rumpled but complete copy in a very interesting wrapper.  (39467)   Please RESHELVE This.

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