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Leonardo, da Vinci.  Il codice di Leonardo da Vinci nella Biblioteca trivulziana di Milano. Firenze: Giunti Barbèra (stabilimenti grafici Giunti Marzocco), (1980). 4to (33 cm, 11.5"). 134 pp.; 5 ff. of plts., facs.

Between 1487 and 1490, Leonardo embarked on a mission to improve his literary education by compiling list upon list of learned words that he found in respected sources such as lexicons and grammars. The result is the Codex Trivulzianus, a manuscript that originally contained 62 folios, of which 55 survive. It should be noted that => in addition to the lexical content, the manuscript contains sketches of individuals and drawings of architectural and military details.
        The Commissione Vinciana commissioned a fine facsimile of the manuscript and its binding, and called on Anna Maria Brizio to do a critical paleographic transcription of the manuscript's text; that transcription, with notes, occupies 134 printed pages here. The facsimile of the codex (measuring 36 x 26 x 7 cm.) is housed in a special compartment following the transcription. The combination of transcription and facsimile were issued in the series "Edizione nazionale dei manoscritti e dei disegni di Leonardo da Vinci."
        This publication should not be confused with the other 1980 publication of a similar title: Codice Trivulziano: Il codice no. 2162 della Biblioteca Trivulziana di Milano (Milano: Arcadia/Electa, 1980).
        Searches of WorldCat locate => only three U.S. libraries (CLU, CtY, MH-Ber) reporting ownership.

Chocolate-brown crushed morocco with linen compartment for the facsimile, facsimile bound in limp parchment; all housed in a matching chocolate-brown crushed morocco open-back slipcase. Slipcase sides with a few tiny dents, spine foot with two small scuffs. => An impressive production and a very good copy of it.  (39339)   Please RESHELVE This.

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