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Margallo, Francisco.  La espada de Holofernes. Bogotá: [Impr. de Bruno Espinosa, por José Ayarza], 1830. Small 4to (20 cm; 8"). 104 pp.

According to the publisher's note in the next to the last paragraph of the prospectus for this publication, "Todo lo que dirémos en el presente Periódico es estractado de una obra anónima, publicada en Francia." The "periodical" was issued weekly between 28 January and 29 July 1830; issues were of 8 pages, except the final one, which was of 10. Quotations and arguments about religion from Voltaire, Rousseau, Bolingbroke, Montesquieu, Bossuet, and many others are woven into this complex and well-reasoned defense of Catholicism and the role it often played as a part of the political entity of the state.
        We do not believe that this is truly a periodical in the sense of a newspaper or magazine, or a series of "extracts" from some larger work, but rather that it is => a complete book printed in parts and issued over a period of time. Palau wrongly asserts that the publication had only 13 numbers and that it ceased with the 6 May issue; he further asserts that it is a periodical production of Presbítero Francisco Margallo. Posada owned only 13 issues and says that Sr. M.M. Tovar "las posee [los] originales" but does not indicate how many issues that was! Posada makes it clear that Margallo was the author/translator.
        Provenance: Eduardo Posada's set of the first 13 issues with his rubber stamp in the upper margin of each fascicle.
        We fail to locate any copies in NUC Pre-1956 or in COPAC, or in Charno's Latin American Newspapers in United States Libraries. WorldCat locates one copy in Colombia. We know of an uncatalogued copy at Vanderbilt University.

Palau 81994; Posda, Bibliografia botgotana, II, 1138. As issued, never bound fascicles. Dust-soiled; crumpled edges. Rubber-stamp as above.  (38751)   Please RESHELVE This.

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