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Colombia. Laws, statues, etc.  Cuerpo de leyes de la República de Colombia. Londres: Imprenta española de M. Calero, 1825. 16mo (15 cm; 6"). Vols 1 & 2 of 3. I: 276 pp., [1] f. II: 208 pp., [1] f.

In the early years after achieving independence from Spain the newly created Hispanic American nations needed foreign capital and one of the ways that some used to convince British, German, and French merchant banks to lend money was to publish their new constitutions and bodies of laws. Colombia did so using a Spanish-language firm in London, with the complication filling three volumes (of which the first two are offered here).
        The contents are: Vo. I, "Comprende la ley fundamental, y las sancionadas por el primer Congreso jeneral en las sesiones que celebró desde el 6 de mayo hasta el 14 de octubre de 1821," vol. II, "Comprende las leyes y decretos sancionados por el primer Congreso constitucional en las sesiones que celebró desde el 8 de abril, hasta el 6 de agosto de 1823," and vol. III, "Comprende las leyes y decretos sancionados por el segundo Congreso constitucional en las sesiones que celebró desde el 5 de abril, hasta el 2 de agosto de 1824."
        Searches of WorldCat and NUC, finds 10 U.S. libraries reporting ownership.

A married set. Vol. I: later 19th-century tan calf, gilt spine extra; top two inches of front joint (outside) open. Age-toning. Vol. II: Contemporary green sheep, well worn, front joint (outside) half open and board almost detached; lacks free endpapers. A distressed pair of a three-volume scarce publication.  (38748)   Please RESHELVE This.

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