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Arrieta, Domingo Pedro de.  Posteriores glorias de nuestro gran padre, y patriarca seraphico San Francisco de Assis. Oracion panegyrica. [Mexico]: Impressa en la Imprenta del real, y mas antiguo de San Ildefonso, 1765. 4to (19 cm, 7.75" ). [13] ff., 34 pp.; illus.

Arrieta, a member of the Franciscan Order, preached this sermon in the main Franciscan monastery in Mexico on 4 October 1765. Beristain informs us that "Arrieta (Fr. Domingo) natural de México, donde profesó el Orden de Predicadores á 3 de Julio de 1752. Fué lector de teología, maestro de su Provincia, doctor de la Universidad, notario y comisario de la Inquisición; y en un libro MS. que tengo á la vista de las «Profesiones de los religiosos de la Provincia de Santiago», se lee esta nota: «insigne decretalista y muy virtuoso»."
        The text is in Spanish, printed in roman type with side- and shouldernotes; the occasional phrase or word in Latin is set in italic. The dedication to Thomas Aquinas, in verse with sidenotes, has above it a => copper-engraved portrait of Aquinas, in this copy printed "au sanguine." The licenses come next, followed by two poems by friends of Arrieta. The sermon is on the role of St. Francis in advancing the cause of Catholicism and veneration of Christ, and being an example to all who seek heaven.
        We locate only two published works by Arrieta, this and a novena. Searches of NUC and WorldCat locate only four U.S. libraries reporting ownership (JCB, Bancroft, Penn, NYPL).

Medina, Mexico, 4978; Palau 17531; Beristain, I, p. 103; Ramirez 779; Sutro, Supplement, p. 38. Removed from a nonce volume. Worming in upper margin and first two or three lines of text, costing letters and an occasional word; lower outer corner of all preliminary leaves silverfish-gnawed with loss of paper and some very few words of two sidenotes. A copy with condition problems, but also a copy with => the portrait printed specially in red.  (38137)   Please RESHELVE This.

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