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Luther, Martin.  Der Segen so man nach der Messe spricht uber das Volck aus dem vierten buch Mosiam vj. Cap. [colophon: Nürmberg: Kunigund Hergotin], 1532. Small 4to (18.5 cm, 7.25"). [6] ff.

The second of only two editions, both printed in 1532, of Luther's text on blessings: Dealing directly with the Lutheran Church's priestly (i.e., Aaronic) blessing, this interpretation of the benediction complements Luther's 1527/1528 series of sermons delivered on the fourth book of Genesis, which were not fully published until 1902.
        => Kunigunde Hergotin took over this Nürmberg printing business after her husband, Hans, was executed for printing a politically radical Anabaptist tract by Thomas Muntzer. "It is believed that she printed much of the material printed under Hans Hergot's name, and that he was simply the distributor. The materials he was distributing were considered heretical and politically radical, and while George, Duke of Saxony presided, Hans Hergot was tried and condemned to death. Kunegunde tried to convince the Nuremberg city council to intercede, but was unsuccessful, and Hans was publicly executed in 1527. Kunegunde continued the business under her own name until 1539" (Erdman, p. 264).
        The title-page here features a four-element woodcut border of putti intertwined with flowering vines from which they are picking fruit. The text is in Fraktur (of course) and has a few historiated woodcut initials.
        Evidence of readership: Underlining and marginalia throughout in an early hand in German; four blessings ca. 1557 on blank verso of last leaf (three in Latin, one in German).
        Provenance: Ownership signature of Caspar von Schneider dated 1557 on verso of last leaf; most recently in the library of American collector Albert A. Howard, small booklabel ("AHA") at rear..
        Searches of NUC and WorldCat locate only one U.S. library reporting ownership of this edition (Pitts Theological) and only six of the first.

VD16 L5879; Benzing 3016. On Kunigunde Hergotin, see Alex Erdmann, My Gracious Silence, p. 264. In later plain brown wrappers with inked publication information and => a charming hand-drawn symbolic ex libris on the inside front wrapper; edges chipped. Title-page and last leaf dust-soiled; some shallow chipping and mostly-light staining of margins. => Showing both ownership and readership in a most intriguing way.  (38028)   Please RESHELVE This.

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