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Calenzio, Eliseo.  Croacus Elisii Calentii Amphraten. De Bello Ranarum. In quo Adolescens iocatus est. [colophon: Argentorat{um}]: in aedibus Schurerianis, MDXII {1512}]. 4to (19.5 cm, 7.5"). [18] ff.

Calenzio (1430–1503) was a 15th-century Italian Neo-Latinist, humanist, poet, tutor of Frederick of Naples, and friend of Jacopo Sannazaro. His writings include fables, satires, and epigrams.
        De Bello Ranarum is an imitation of Batrachomyomachia (i.e., "The Battle of the Frogs and Mice") previously attributed to Homer. A comic fable in verse intended for a young audience, it was first published apart from his opuscula by Schurer in the year before the current example and we find no editions prior to that, although the work seems to have been written in Calenzio's young adulthood (ca. 1452).
        The title-page contains an early example of bookseller salesmanship: Below the title is printed "Lector eme, lege, et probabis — "Reader, buy [it], read [it], and you'll approve [of it]."
        As is to be expected of Renaissance children's books, this is scarce: NUC and WorldCat locate only two copies of this edition in U.S. libraries (Columbia, Folger) and none of the 1511.
        Provenance: From the library of American collector Albert A. Howard, small booklabel ("AHA") at rear.

Adams H806; Schmidt, Schurer, 91; VD16 C221; Index aurel. 129.351; Benzing, Strasbourg, 313; Graesse, II, 15. Recent full dark tan calf, plain antique style; front cover showing pressure marks of writing done on paper resting on the volume. Title-page a little dusty; very faint soiling or staining on a few leaves. Nice margins.  (38027)   Please RESHELVE This.

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