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Torrentinus, Hermannus.  Elucidarius vel vocabularius poeticus ... co[n]tine[n]s fabulas, historias, prouincias, vrbes, insulas, fluuios, et montes illustres; Item vocabula et interpretationes Grecoru[m] & Hebraicoru[m], una cu[m] vocabulis co[m]munibus Saracenoru[m], in latinu[m] translatis et alijs in fine adiunctis. [colophon: Hagenaw: per ... Henricu[s] Gran, impe[n]sis ... Joanis Rynman, 1518]. 4to (20 cm; 8"). [57] ff. (without final blank).

Torrentinus' Elucidarius vel vocabularius poeticus, also published under the title Parvum dictionary poeticum, is the earliest known historical, mythological, and geographical dictionary. First published in 1498 in Deventer where Torrentinus (a.k.a. Herman van Beek, Herman van der Beeke), a Netherlandish grammarian, taught in Hegius' school, it had by 1540 had more than 30 editions. Primarily given over to literature — especially poetry, which caused Renouard to call it the "first . . . attempt at a poetic dictionary" — it contains literary references to numerous provinces, cities, islands, mountains, and rivers, with this edition being enlarged over earlier ones by inclusion of a supplement on Latin numbers and weights, and lists of trees, bushes, herbs, and stones.
        There are two states of the colophon of this edition, one as above, the other reading "Impressus Argentine per Joannem Knoblugh"; but the states are otherwise identical, page for page, line for line, including use on both title-pages of an architectural woodcut border incorporating Heinrich Gran's device! => The text is printed in black letter with large, handsome running heads, attractive initials, and usefully large-lettered captions in the supplement.
        Searches of WorldCat and NUC locate no copies in North America of the Hagenau issue and only one (at Harvard) of this one. => Because this was designed for students, few copies of the early editions survive.
        Provenance: From the library of American collector Albert A. Howard, small booklabel ("AHA") at rear.

VD16 T1606; Benzing, Hagenau, 39, 184. On Heinrich Gran's device, see: Heitz & Barack 2. 20th-century boards covered with vellum-like paper. Light age-toning with very light waterstaining across corners at end and some light foxing to margins elsewhere; very good and in fact for a "student book" remarkably good. => A rare and attractive item.  (37834)   Please RESHELVE This.

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