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Straparola, Giovanni Francesco (Gianfrancesco).  La copia di un grandissimo caso intervenuto a uno gran gentil huomo Senese condenato a morte e condotto dal propio figliolo alla giustitia, cosa bella e sententiosa. [Italy]: , no date (ca. 1550?). 4to (20 cm; 7.75"). [8] pp.

This clearly has been extracted from a 16th-century edition of Straparola's Le tredici piaceuolissime notti di m. Gio. Francesco Straparola da Carauaggio, but which is yet undetermined. Straparola (d. ca. 1557) was a poet and "story teller" and native of Caravaggio who was born in the last twenty years of the 15th century. The present tale of a father condemned to death but shown the path to righteousness by his son is printed in italic on pp. [2–6] and roman on pp. [7–8]; p. [8] bears => a graphic large woodcut of one man stabbing another ensnared in his own cloak. The title-page bears an even larger woodcut, being a border surrounding a bust of Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus!
        All of the hints are here — sensational subject matter, vernacular language, poor typography, and poor printing mixed with inattention to composition and a sensational woodcut — that this was => a cheap production for a popular reading audience.
        Provenance: Undeciphered early signature on title-page; later in the library of American collector Albert A. Howard, small booklabel ("AHA") at rear.

20th-century light boards covered with light brown speckled paper. Clean, very good.  (37833)   Please RESHELVE This.

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