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Caesar, Julius.  Commentariorum C. Caesaris elenchus. De bello Gallico. Libri VIII. De bello ciuili Pompeiano. Libri III. De bello Alexandrino. Liber I. De bello Africano. Liber I. De bello Hispaniensi. Liber I. Pictura totius Galliae, diuisae in parteis treis, secu[n]dum C. Caesaris commentarious. Pictura pontis in rheno. Item Auarici. Alexiae. Vxelloduni. Massiliae. Ad haec, totius quoque Hispaniae. Nomina locorum, urbiumq[ue], & populoru[m] Galliae, ut olim dicebantur latine, & nunc dicuntur Gallice, secundum ordinem aphabeti. Parisijs: apud Ioducu[m] Badiu[m], & Ioanne Roigny, 1533. 8vo (17 cm; 6.75"). [16] ff., 948 [i.e., 648] pp., illus., maps.

Caesar's classic Commentaries are here in the edited text that Fra Giovanni Giocondo (ca. 1433–1515) first gave to the public in 1513 via the Aldine Press. The index is that of Raimondo da Marliano, which first appeared in the 1477 Milan printing of Caesar. A handsome Ascensius Press printing, this is in italic with more than a few six- or seven-line woodcut initials and it is => illustrated with five full-page woodcut illustrations and two double-page woodcut maps.
        Binding: Crushed brown morocco by Lortic (signed on lower area of turn-in of front board). Spine with five raised bands creating six compartments, four having a gilt center device and others with author, title, and imprint information. Turn-ins richly tooled in gilt using multiple rolls including a dentelle; marbled endpapers. Boards each with blind-tooled double fillet border and a central compartment identically ruled containing an elegant gilt design of four trefoils arrayed around five dots; gilt floral device of spine repeated at central compartment corners. All edges gilt over marbling.
        Provenance: From the library of Albert A. Howard (sans indicia).
        Searches of NUC and WorldCat locate => only two U.S. libraries reporting ownership.

Renouard, Badius Ascensius, II, 530; Index Aurel. 128.692; Schweiger, II, 41. Bound as above. A very good copy. => A pleasure in the hand and pleasing to the reader.  (37764)   Please RESHELVE This.

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