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Honorius Augustodunensis, commonly known as Honorius of Autun.  M. Elucidarius. Von allerhand Geschöpffen Gottes, den Engeln, den himmeln Gestirn, Planeten, und wie alle Creaturen geschaffen seind auff Erden. Franckfort am Mayn: Christ[ian] Egen[olffs] Erden [colophon: Adam Loniceri, Johannis Cnipii, Andronici secundi doctorum & Pauli Steinmeyers], 1584. 4to (19 cm, 7.5"). [98] pp.; 2 double-sided plts., illus.

Uncommon edition of the work called Elucidarius: Based in part on an 11th-century treatise on theology and world history written in Latin by an enigmatic monk living in England at the time of his composition of his treatise, this German vernacular compendium of general knowledge appears here not only much expanded beyond that original work but also => reformed and secularized to some extent, covering geography (including a reference to America), cosmography, and natural history as well as religion — making this one of the earliest such extensive and encyclopedic works written in German.
        While there were a number of Frankfurt editions of this and Egenolff and his heirs themselves issued it several times, the present 1584 printing appears to be one of the scarcest: WorldCat reports => only one U.S. institutional location, and that copy is incomplete. The edition features a title-page printed in red and black, with a vignette of a man balancing an armillary sphere on his back and hoisting a compass flanked by a male and a female grotesque; the text is printed in an attractive black letter and opens with => two leaves of full-page woodcut illustrations (God pulling Eve from Adam's side, a set of twenty monstrous humanoids from around the world, a map of the world done after one in the Nuremberg Chronicle, and a scene of a scholar pointing towards the sun and moon). Other woodcut illustrations that range from a quarter of a page to full-page in size include astronomical diagrams, emblematic scenes including cosmological schematics, Atlas supporting the heavens, a well-dressed gentleman making use of a measuring rod, and a beautiful, elaborated version of the Egenolff device on the colophon page in which the printer's characteristic flaming, sacrificed heart is shown between apposite views of Abraham and Isaac and Balaam and his ass.
        In supplement to the main portion, following it, is Jakob Köbel's "Bauren Compassz" (Bauern-Compass, or Farmer's Compass).
        Provenance: From the library of American collector Albert A. Howard (sans indicia).

Alden, European Americana, 584/44; Index Aurel. 160.003; Richter, Egenolffs Erben, 516; VD16 L 3100 (& Köbel, Bauernkompaß: VD16 K 160). Not in Adams. Recent plain, unmarked cream paper–covered boards; evidence of sometime (long ago?) removal of an oval stamp from title-page. Pages age-toned with minor offsetting and scattered light spots, generally clean. => A remarkable work, in a desirable copy.  (37642)   Please RESHELVE This.

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