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Curtius Rufus, Quintus.  Quintus Curtius De rebus gestis Alexandri Magni. regis Macedonum. Parisiis: Apuvd Simonem Colinaeum, 1543. 8vo (16 cm; 6.25"). [6] ff., 354 pp.

Edited by Erasmus and first published by Colines in 1533, this second Colines edition of the Historia Alexandri Magni appeared just three years before Simon's death. Curtius being one of those ancient authors whose work survives only in fragments, the text opens as is to be expected with "Liber III" and, as is to be expected, the edition is a handsome one: It bears Colines' printer's device on the title-page (Marque de temps, no. 3), is printed in roman, and has criblé initials. The "Clarissimo principi Hernesto Bavariae Duci Erasmus Roter. S.P.D." is found on preliminary leaves [2–3].
        Binding: Full crushed brown morocco by Lortic (signed on front lower turn-in). Boards and spine plain, five raised bands, all edges gilt. Single gilt rule on board edges; gilt inner dentelles and marbled endpapers. Green silk place marker.
        Provenance: Bookplate of R. Percy Alden (late 19th- and early 20th-century collector). Later manuscript ownership note of Antatole Delornow.
        Searches of NUC and WorldCat locate only seven copies in U.S. libraries.

Renouard, Colines, 382– 83; Schreiber, Colines, 203; Schwieger 317–18; Vander Haeghen, II, 23. Bound as above; front board reattached using Japanese tissue method and rear joint (outside) strengthened using same method. A very clean, very nice copy.  (37017)   Please RESHELVE This.

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