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Toland, John.  Christianity not mysterious, or, A treatise shewing, that there is nothing in the gospel contrary to reason, nor above it, and that no Christian doctrine can be properly call’d a mystery ... to which is added, an apology for Mr. Toland in relation to the parliament of Ireland’s ordering this to be burnt. [with three other works, as below, bound in]. London: no publisher/printer, 1702. 8vo. xxxii, 174, 46 pp.

[bound with same author's] Nazarenus, or, Jewish, gentile, and Mahometan Christianity. Containing the history of the antient Gospel of Barnabas, and the modern Gospel of the Mahometans, attributed to the same apostle... London: Pr. and sold by J. Brown ... [et al.], 1718. 8vo. xxv, 85, 57, 16 pp. [bound with the same author's] Tetradymus... London: Printed by J. Brotherton ... [et al.], 1720. 8vo. xxii, 226 pp. [also bound in] Hodegus confuted... London: Printed for T. Warner, 1721. 8vo. 47 pp.
        Sammelband of four works whose contents discuss such diverse topics as: Gospel of Barnabas (Islamic), Deism, Islam and its relations with Christianity, Ebionism, Christianity and Judaism, the Celtic Church, "an Irish manuscript of the Four Gospels," Criticism and interpretation of Exodus, and Hypatia (d. 415). There are some very handsome headpieces and initials; two title-pages (Nazarenus and Tetradymus) are in red and black.

ESTC T114605 (Christianity); T139629 (Nazarenus); T139630 (Tetradymus); T36575 (Hodegus). Library buckram; title gilt-stamped and lower half of spine with discolorations where a shelf-label was surely removed. Imprint line of Nazarenus, shaved; library bookplate, call number, stamp to bottom edge (only). Intermittently, some dust-soiling or other stains; generally a clean and decent compendium.  (19905)   Please RESHELVE This.

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