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Begg, James.  Seat rents brought to the test of scripture, law, reason, and experience; or, the spiritual rights of the people of Scotland vindicated against modern usurpations, both within and without the establishment; with a special explanation of the case of Edinburgh, and an appendix, containing extracts from the records of Kirk-sessions and other Church courts, in regard to the allocation of seats in the ancient free Churches of Scotland.. By the Rev. James Begg, A.M., minister of the parish of Liberton. Edinburgh: John Johnstone; Glasgow: Ogle and Son, William Collins, and David Bryce; London: Whittaker and Co., and J. Nisbet and Co.; Dublin: W. Curry, Jun., and Co., 1838. 84 pp.

From about 1820 through 1843 the Church of Scotland was in turmoil over the question of lay patronage and its implications regarding civil authority over the church; in 1843, after the "Ten Years' Conflict" between the evangelical and moderate branches of the church, the issues were temporarily resolved by "the Disruption," in which close to a third of the ministers of the Church of Scotland separated to form the Free Church of Scotland. The upheaval prompted the publication of numerous pamphlets and treatises on the controversy, and its effects continued to be felt in Scotland for many years afterward.
        => A pamphlet from that great pamphlet war.

Removed from a nonce volume, stab holes notable; first signature (only) separated (but present), nonce-era page numbers pencilled in upper outer corners, and place in nonce volume (8) noted at top of title-page. A little foxing, otherwise clean.  (15295)   Please RESHELVE This.

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